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Welcome to the Department of Mi
crobiology and Immunology at UB!

The UB medical
school was founded in 1847 and has become the core for what is the widest variety of
schools at any University in New York State (e.g.
the medically
related schools are:
Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy

and Pharmaceutical
, Nursing and Public Health

and Health Professions
). The department was
founded as “Bacteriology” in 1948 and although immunology was a major focus here for
many years,
only recently did the name change to its present form. The department is
among the most vigorous in the medical school, with a broad range of research interests
funded by about M$20 from external sources

has a long history of excellence in

education. Most of the sixteen faculty are or have been members or chairs of
external grant review groups and/or have appointments to editorial boards of the relevant
journals in their fields
, with national and international reputations
. Research is carri
ed out
almost exclusively in contiguous space in the “Biomedical Research Building”

under the
control of the “Witebsky Center for Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology”. The
Center is a democratically
ed group of funded researchers that runs weekly
research exchanges as well as annual national meetings on Microbial Pathogenesis,
DNA Replication and RNA. The Buffalo area has several institutions
with interests in microorganisms and immunology (e.g. Roswell Park Cancer Institute,
Woodward Structural Biology Institute and the New York Center
Excellence in

Bioinformatics and Life Sciences) all of which are within easy traveling
distance from UB (Buffalo is a simple city to

get around in). The atmosphere in the

is one of collaboration and collegiality and we understand how important it is
for everyone in the department to be able to talk to everyone else, regardless of position.
Whatever reason you may have for accessing our website (e.g. prospective student,
culty, collaborator etc.)

we encourage you to look closely at what we have to offer, and
we look forward to working with you.