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Mark Mata


Analyzing Human Population Genetic History Through the Study of Genetic


Internship done at the Southern California Bioinformatics Summer Institute, UC Los Angeles,
Summer 2009.

The genetic variation that

can be found in human populations today is a study in human
evolution. The goal of this project is to identify the genetic events that cause this variation. The
genetic variation data was initially gathered by the Human Genome Project in the form of a
ies of single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs. These SNPs were analyzed in order to find
point mutations and crossover events, which were the two most easily identifiable genetic events.
A graphical output was then created to more easily identify these e
vents on the gene.


“Synapse Detection”

Internship done at the Center for Bio
Image Informatics, UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2010.

The goal of this project is the proper identification of conventional synapses and ribbon
synapses. Conventional synaps
es were detected using a series of filters identify the unique
characteristics of the synapse and then extracting features from the images. The filter responses
were then classified using a k
nearest neighbor algorithm. Ribbon synapses were detected using
an MSER approach that yielded good results overall. These results help to lay the groundwork
for future, more intuitive synapse detection techniques.