Intelligent Methodologies and Technologies for e-Learning

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Methodologies and

Technologies for


Badeeh M. Salem

Professor of Computer Science

Head of BioMedical Informatics and Knowledge Engineering Research Lab,

Faculty of Computer and Information sciences

Ain Shams Univ
ersity, Abbasia, Cairo


the last years artificial intellige
nce (AI) approaches have been proposed by the knowledge
engineers in the context of e
learning technologies. These approaches offer intelligent
methodologies, techniques, and algorithms that can help solving problems in a variety of
education/ learning/tra
ining domains. These techniques have been successfully used in solving
many of the e
learning problems. On theother side,
the convergence of AI technologies
,educational technologies and web technologies is enabling the creation of web
intelligent e
earning technology. In recent years, network
based teaching and learning has
become widespread, with bespoke solutions by individual institutions and standardizing
initiatives for learning technologies.Such technologies will provide a unique opportunity to

distribute learning/education /training across multiple sites while dramatically reducing travel
related costs.

This talk introduces

of AI approaches to knowledge
based systems
from the
literature and the research results of the author and his collea
gues that have been carried out
recent years on developing intelligent e
Learning systems

in medical domain as an example.