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CAS Diary



First Half:

We have just started with school same as with programing section in school. We
discussed about summer programing camp which we had and concluded that we will at first
practice C# and that we will first start with object oriented programming which we start
learning at the end of previous year and practice on the camp.
We also talked about what we
want to learn about.
So, we start with introduction to Visual Studio and C#.

Second Half:

We have already made an introduction to C# and Visual Studio.
We talk
ed about
basics of C# and spoke about using of Visual Studio and benefits of it.
We also made an
introduction to object oriented programming. We talked about classes, met
hods and
inheritance. And we applied that knowledge in simple applications we made in

for practice.


First Half:

We learn about graphic in C#, how to draw at all. We learn how to open and edit
picture and learn about drawing of geometrical shapes. Also we learn edit layout of the
application and how to manage certain objects.

We do few practical exercises.

Second Half:

We again learn about object oriented programing. We learn about
polymorphism and we combine it with our knowledge about graphics. So, we made a program
which will draw different geometrical shapes and treat a
ll of them as same object. They all will
behave the same even though they look different. There we apply our previous knowledge
about classes and inhibition.


First Half:

We again deal with pictures. We learn about edge detection program an
everyone make one his own. We also deal with similarity between pictures and think about
different ways to compare them. As a best way we found intelligent algorithm

network. We use neutral network which our lecturer crate and publish on his sit
e. So for the
first time I use intelligent algorithm even though I didn’t write it.

Second Half:

We went back on the basics of algorithms. We will need them for competition
but also for programing in genera. We made revision about data structures and
representation and similar. We also repeat basic graph algorithms.


First Half:

We got practical task to make an application which will graphically represent
graph and will apply graph algorithms which we have already learn. Time on our
meetings we
spend on making it. First we discussed about graphical problems and on next meetings we
discussed algorithm problems.

Second Half:

We all brought our application and sow how every of them works, we exchange
opinions and knowledge. We also ta
lk about upcoming winter brake and how best to spent. We
also have some relaxed conversations.


We saw each other just once this time because of pause for winter break. We talked
about what will we do this semester and abut upcoming competitions. We conclude that we
will immediately start with practicing of algorithms for competitions. We got few tas
ks for




We practice dynamical programming which always appears

on State competition.
On the class we did some basic problems such as “knapsack problem” and “
ongest common
substring problem“

also did some problems
which appear on previous competitions. We did
more problems for homework.

Second Half:

We practice algorithms connected with graphs. We repeat algorithms which we
learn before such as: DFS, BFS, Dijkstra algorithm or Floyd
Warshall algorithm, and we got

homework connected to them. We also learn some new algorithm such as: Ford
algorithm, Kruskal’s algorithm… We also got some homework connected to that. We spoke
about importance of these algorithms because they are required for State compet
ition and
some of them also for Republic competition.


First Half:

At the end of the month competitions will finally start.
So we spoke about it,
how to deal with tasks on the competition and similar things. We do some rehearsal tasks to
see if w
e are fast enough. We also repeat some basic staff because we know that Regional
competition doesn’t require any higher knowledge.

Regional Competition:

This competition was held in Banjaluka. We went there as a team of six members
and we all were in fi
rst 10. Five of us qualify for next competition. We all won more than 50% of
points, because tasks were below level we practice for. We got 2 first places and I won second


This month we had two competitions

Republic and State.

Republic C


members of our team went to Republic competition in Bijeljina.
Our aim on
this competition was to qualify for State competition. In order to accomplish this aim we
needed to take one of first fifteen places. 4 members of our team did tha
t. Even though we had
much worse result then previous year we will go on State competition as a team. I took 11

place which was the worst result I have ever had on Republic competition, but I wasn’t
motivated enough this year. I only wanted to qualify fo
r State competition. Problems on this
competition were quite different than previous years and quite different than we expected,
what also may be the cause of our not so good result. But, beside that, one member of our
team got great result. He won the com

State Competition:

On the end of the month we went to Sarajevo on the State competition. Our aim
was to take one of first four places and das qualify for International Olympiad in Informatics
(IOI). Two students from our school were on that co
mpetition last year and one of them is still
in our team. So, our expectations were high. But, this year we were not lucky enough even
though tasks on this competition were the same as we expected and we practiced for. I took
the best place


place and

I qualify for Balkan competition. A was only 10 points away from
IOI. All other members of our team were in first 20 but not good enough to qualify for any of
international competitions.

Even though none of us qualify for IOI I am, personally, really pl
eased with results,
because I qualify for Balkan competition. Even though it is not IOI it is still international
competition. I hope that my first international competition will be interesting experience.

I still haven’t

any of our meetings in the school so I do not know
impressions of