Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Bridge

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A Protocol for Damage Detection and
Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Bridge

PI: Dr. S. Midturi, UALR, Tel. 501 683 7015

Importance of this Research

Bridges are ageing and are in danger of developing damages due
to heavy use (Case in point: transport of shale gas products by
trucks in NW and Central AR),

(2) Detection of incipient defects will avoid catastrophic failures and
saves lives and property,

(3) Receipt of information on the health of bridges in AR will let
bridge officials initiate corrective action,

So, an integrated, science based robust maintenance protocol is
needed for AR bridges. This project does it.

What is this Research About?

The goal of this research is to develop an integrated science based
tool (protocol) to detect damages in bridges and let all the
concerned official to take corrective action.

four objectives

of this research are:

Apply the state of the art signal analysis tools (Hilbert and Wavelet
Transforms) to detect the incipient cracks in bridge structures,

Build and test laboratory bridges and verify the prediction accuracy of

Develop a software that integrates bridge analysis and test results and let
officials to decide corrective actions, and

Train Arkansas students in bridge dynamics, signal analysis, and bridge
maintenance management.

Research Tasks and Execution Plan

Task 1.

Hilbert and Wavelet Transforms development and application, ( 3


Task 2
. Design and Fabrication of bridge structures, (3 months)

Task 3
. Selection and installation of strain and vibration sensors, (3 months)

Task 4
. Data acquisition and analysis, interpretation of test data, (3 months)

Task 5
. Test bridges with varying loads and track the crack initiation and their
growth, (6 months)

Task 6
. Develop software to integrate analysis and test data and transmit results
to bridge officials on the internet, (4 months)

Task 7
. Document bridge damage detection research and introduce in
courseware, (3 months)

Note: Some tasks will be done concurrently to save project time.

Research Personnel and Budget

Total Cost of the Project:

$140,000, Duration: 18 months

1 Senior faculty (Dr. S. Midturi ) time: 2 months ( $25 K)

1 Graduate research assistant : 18 months ($27 K)

1 Undergraduate student : 10 hrs/wk (10 K)

Sensors, bridge materials, multi
channel data acquisition

($ 20 K)

Travel to conferences and publication expenses ($ 2
3 K)

Fringes (25%) and overhead charges (32%) ( $ 55K)

Note: This research and the budget can be prorated for 1 year
with the approval of AR Highways officials.