Alexander Kielland Floatel

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Alexander Kielland Floatel

By Luis Madrid

Originally an offshore drilling rig

Designed to be towed from one

location to the next

Never performed original function

Retrofitted and Given a new role as a Floatel

Floating Hotel

Meant for oil workers

It could fit 366 comfortably

It included a movie theatre and saunas

March 27, 1980 the entire floatel capsized

Winds were between 40
65 MPH

Waves were up to 25 feet high

Caused by preexisting crack in one of the leg struts

212 were on board, 89 survived

The Salvaged Kielland

Paint was found in the crack, therefore the
crack must have existed before the final
coat of paint was applied

Potentially hazardous retrofitting( error in
design due to invalid assumptions and
faulty reasoning )