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August 19,2011
RE:North Fork Rancheria's,Fee-to Trust Acquisition Project
Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol,First Floor
Sacramento,CA 95814
Dear Governor Brown:
I am a concerned citizen,business owner and pastor of a large church in Madera,who is
in strong opposition to the fee-to-trust application and findings purported in the August 6,
2010 release ofthe North Fork FEIS.The church has over 2000 attendees.
The adverse impacts of allowing a casino to be developed on the proposed State Highway
99 site near the city limits of Madera are far more detrimental then are apparent at first
sight.Some may cite the development as an opportunity to correct the unemployment
rate that has risen.above the state and national average.However,trading the future of
Madera for low-paying jobs in an atmosphere that promotes gambling addiction is not a
solution to our faltering economy.It would only exacerbate the problem as well as
increase crime levels in an area that has already experienced a well-publicized home
invasion.I well understand this problem,as I have had to deal with several families that
have a spouse with a gambling addiction and spent all their income check and left the
family without any resources for rent,power or food.
The proposal consists of over 300 acres placed into a trust for the North Fork Mono tribe
that would no longer be taxable.Our county would lose that tax base forever.300 acres
is far more land than what is necessary for a casino.The idea of developing retail outlets
and service stations on the site is quite disturbing.The playing field would be uneven
and many Madera businesses would not be able to compete.Our hotels,restaurants,and
retail stores would suffer.The significance is that those Madera businesses do pay taxes
into the community,unlike those located on tribal land.Our agricultural community
could also suffer by the unrestricted use of water.Considering the economic,and
obvious socio-economic disadvantages,the long-term trade off isn't in Madera's favor.
I believe that the North Fork Mono project in Madera,off reservation and away from
tribal or historic lands,is a clear violation of the spirit and intent of the Indian Gaming
Regulatory Act,as well as Proposition 1A.
Roger D.Leach,Senior Pastor
101 West Adell Street,Madera,California 93638 • Office (559) 674-8922 • Fax (559) 674-8955
Madera is a much better community than outsiders realize.Madera is a place where
families interact and bond with one another through community activities.Our town
offers urban living with a blend of country style,surrounded by prime agriculture.
Madera is a treasure with endless opportunities for growth and improvements.Help us
preserve Madera.Reject the fee-to-trust application.
Roger Leach
Senior Pastor
Valley West Christian Center,Madera
(559) 674-8922
Roger D.Leach,Senior Pastor
101West Adell Street,Madera,California 93638 • Office (559) 674-8922 • Fax (559 ) 674-895 5