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Come sit and relax.

Enjoy the art of
conversation over a
tea tasting

Our tea tasting is
$19.95 per person


A pot of tea of your

Seasonal cup of soup

Daily scone & bread

Served with lemon
curd, devonshire
& preserve

Assortment of three
tea sandwiches

Quiche with fresh

Chef’s elegant dessert

The Emerald Necklace

Tea Menu

Take Pleasure in the

season with our new

Holiday Teas…

Morning Cheer


A superb fresh morning tea. A delectable
black tea with lemon flavor.

Peppermint Patty

a Blend of Black &Green)

Malty and flavory with a cool accent of

Carol’s Angel Dream


A heavenly tea with maple sweetness,
blackberry pungency, full flavored Assam
and a mystery green tea.

Winter Orange Spice

( Black)

Reminiscent of mild and flavory oranges and
fresh cinnamon.

Lady Helen’s


Delicate Earl G
rey and Jasmine Notes.
Medium bodied.

Fit for a Queen.

Candy Apple


Superb tea with delicious astringency and

like caramelized apple notes

White teas…
are very high in
polyphenols and antioxidants and can be
enjoyed any time of day
. Considered to be
the purest in the world.

Crystal Mist

Premium blooming tea flower buds, silver
needle tea.

Riesling Ice Wine

Smooth and silky with light Riesling and
berry note.

Specialty teas

… a collection of
favorite blends the world over.

Earl G
rey Cream

A British favorite. Made with a blend of
black and bergamot.


A delicious black tea with classical muscatel
flavor. A great tea for any occasion.

English Breakfast

A perfect breakfast tea with body and full

Irish Cream


smooth character that evokes
thoughts of the Emerald Isle.

Windsor Castle

Full bodied with toasty notes from

Black Teas

strong bodied, naturally
flavored. Unlike the herbal and fruit teas,
black teas have caffeine. Dramatic,
and legendary. These teas are
fully fermented from the “Camellia
Sinesis” plant.

Our featured

tea is:

Chocolate Mint

Fresh lively mint combined with full
flavored chocolate tea

Ice Wine

A delectable black tea with sweet pear not
and hints of berry and caramel

Apple Harvest

Lively fruity apple character with luscious
cinnamon hint.

Vanilla Cinnamon

Sweet and dreamy with delightful
combinations of vanilla and cinnamon.

Black teas continue …


Ginger Peach

Peach Apricot

Vanilla Cream




Wild Berry

Decaf Teas…
are flushed with
gently remove caffeine. Processed without
chemicals, these teas retain depth and

Our featured

ea is:

Sweet Dreams Decaf

Light bodied with hints of muscatel.

Earl Grey Decaf Black

Black tea delicately scented with oil of

Monk’s blend Decaf

Full flavor black tea with natural oils of
grenadine and vanilla.

Traditional Black Teas

flavors added…

Assam Moon

East to Kenmare

Chinese New Year

Rooibos tea

has fine needle like leaves
that are chopped with axes then bruised with
a hammer and left to ferment in the drying
sun. This tea has many health benefits.
traditionally to combat allergies and to aid
in digestion. With numerous antioxidants.
Caffeine free with a full
bodied flavor.

Tea of the future

Our featured


tea is:

Gemini Rooibos

A smooth blend of South African Rooibos

Moroccan Almonds, Marzipan, and
Papaya. Inspired by the story of Catherine
the Great and Rastrelli.

Mango Delight Rooibos

Delicious fruit highlights transport one to
tropical climates. The aroma portends a
wonderful taste experience

Provence Rooibos

osehip shells, lavender, raisins, dried currants
and blueberries give this tea a fruity flavor,
sweet aroma, and lavender character.

In Love with Chocolate Rooibos

Cocoa bean makes this a chocolate lovers
dream. Smooth truffle taste.

Charleston Vanill
a Rooibos

Fruity with sweet notes. Vanilla flavoring gives
this a wonderful exotic depth.

Cream Au Caramel Rooibos

Sweet toffee notes building to a full symphonic

Pear Sensation Rooibos

Superb mouth watering sweet pear notes

Create a taste of sy

Mocha Rocha Rooibos

Enjoy the sweet flavors of Caramel,
Butterscotch, Ethiopian Coffee, and a hint of
Calendula petals.

Rooibos Teas continue…

Earl Grey Rooibos

A delicious Earl Grey and Rooibos

White Swiss Truffle

Exquisite swe
et chocolate with hints of mint.

A full “ahhh” finish!

Green Teas…
are rich in antioxidants
and may hold the key in preventing
Alzheimer’s disease.

Our featured
tea is:

Granny Apple Slices

Luscious apple with hints of sweet caramel

rawberry Green

Delicious flavor of fresh strawberries
combine with the goodness of green tea.

Honey Maple

The incredible taste of maple coupled with
the high grown Ceylon green tea.

Cherry Blossom

The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints
give the tea
a wildly exotic character.

Traditional Green teas…

Gunpowder Osprey

Lucky Dragon

Japanese Sencha

Herbal teas

have special unique
flavors and naturally hold a variety of
vitamins. You’ll find this to be a soothing
tea experience. Caffeine free, highly

recommended for

Our featured

tea is:

Almond Spice

Full bodied with almond and hints of
cinnamon nestled between hibiscus and

Mrs. T. Pott’s Bubblegum

For the petite tea drinker, sweet and fruity.
Great with a touch of ho

Sassy Red Cran

Full flavored, rich fruity character. Full
cranberry taste softened with a hint of apple
and hibiscus petals

Berry Berry

Deep notes of berries and currents.

Great hot or iced.


Deep berry notes with strength and
racter. Perfect with afternoon tea.

Blue Angel

Bold, bright caramel and fruit taste.
Cornflower petals, rosehips, hibiscus and
apple. The house Specialty!

Herbal Blending Components…

Adds color and interest to your favorite cup
of tea

Experience somethi
ng extra to add
to your choice of tea for just a $1.00 Ask
a server today!

Ginger Pieces

Lemon Grass

Jasmine Flower Petals

Rosegalor Petals

Chai teas

produce a warm soothing
effect and a wonderfully calming aspect on
the body. Add some sugar to open
up the
incredible flavor of exotic spices.

Our featured
tea is:

Chocolate Chai

Seasonal Malabar Coast spices with sweet
caramel and Belgian chocolate.

Vanilla Chai

Creamy Madagascar vanilla notes with a
lively ginger taste.

Happy Gin
ger Chai

bodied tea enhances south Indian macula.
Cardamom notes.

Green Tea Chai

Superb green tea blended with fresh Indian
spices. Delicious with milk and sugar.

Celebrate your special
occasion with a
Blooming Artisan Tea!

Served at your table for
Also can be purchased to take
home $2.50 each or a tea tint of
5 for $10.00

Gift Certificates are available!

You can now purchase your

& tea gift items online!