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DecidoKompetensor AB 040 – 23 54 00
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211 22 Malmö - Sweden
Modernize with iSAK
If you want to make your system on the IBM-platform service
based, give it a new modern user interface and at the same time
preserve and develop the well-functioning foundations in your
system – then iSAK is the solution for you!
The product iSAK transforms closed systems into modern, flexible
services with well-defined interfaces, ready to be integrated with
other systems or user interfaces. With the help from iSAK the
system is refined and already made investments are put to use and
iSAK keeps todays competence
current, existing routines regarding
maintenance and backup can be
used and the system may
continuously be built and developed
from its current state instead of
having to start over from the
iSAK makes use of the latest and
best within user interface and works
particularly well together with the
interface Ext JS for desktop-
applications and Sencha Touch -
aimed for mobile applications.

iSAK consists of an application-layer
that is placed on top of an existing
IBM Power i system, which makes it
possible to publish the system as
services and incorporate services
from other systems and suppliers.
Everything is prepared for the use of
a graphic user interface and/or to
use the services for integration with
other programs or systems. All
communication occurs in
standardized format like XML or
JSON, which results in
comprehensiveness and simplicity.
This technique provides almost
endless possibilities regarding the
choice of user interface and
separates the business logic
completely from the user interface.
We recommend Ext JS and Sencha
Touch, both from the company
Sencha Inc.
iSAK also comprises functions to
upload and download files, publish
business data to the users calendar
programs (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus
Notes, Google Calendar etc.),
integration with sms-service, credit
report and much more.

 Uses existing functionality
 Simplifies integration
 Seperates logic fromuser
 New user interfaces for
IBM power i

DecidoKompetensor AB 040 – 23 54 00
Stortorget 9
211 22 Malmö - Sweden
Ext JS and Sencha Touch are two
frameworks with common basis and
API which consists of a number of
provided web-based interface-
components which can be adjusted
and developed when it comes to
functionality and design. The
components are platform- and
browser independent and more than
a million developers over the world
are building applications with the
help from Senchas product family.
Ext JS has a wide range of well-
designed and adaptable
components for web-based
applications. These can be
combined and collaborate to make it
possible for users to simplify difficult
tasks and provide a high user

Sencha Touch is equivalent to Ext JS,
but is modified to suit touchscreens,
primarily based on iOS and Android.
Everything is built on the latest web-
standards: HTML5, CSS3 and
JavaScript. This makes it possible to
display and maintain business data
in you iPhone, iPad or Android
phone; only the imagination limits
the possibilities.

iSAK makes it possible to modernize
your system without destroying the
investments made through the
years. In combination with the
interfaces from Senchas product
family you will get a user-experience
that hasn’t been possible before
together with easy administration
and maintenance since the user only
need a browser. In addition, there is
no need for a new server because
you can continue to run everything
integrated on the IBM Power i-
Contact us for more information
about what iSAK can do for your
IBM Power i-system.

Example: iSA
Example: Touch applicatio