HALCON 10: Powerful Tool for Medical Image Analysis

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Dr. Lutz Kreutzer, Manager PR & Marketing | MVTec Software GmbH, Neherstr.1, D
81675 München

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HALCON 10: Powerful Tool for Medical Image Analysis

MVTec Software GmbH (Munich, Germany) presents its standard
software for image processing HALCON 10 at VISION 2011 in
Stuttgart also within the “Medical Discovery Tour”. In medical
engineering, different

imaging methods are used. Amongst others,
HALCON provides the following

Color Processing:

For medical imaging applications, color images are very important.

Here it is necessary to exactly classify colors and relating gray
values. Therefo
re, highly powerful color classifiers are needed
which also can handle complex multi
channel images. For this,
HALCON provides multi
layer perceptron, support vector machine, or
Gaussian mixture model. Primarily, these color classifiers are
used in cytolog
y, cell biology diagnostics, and pathology for
tissue and cancer identification.

Identification of cells:

A reliable classification is the first step to identify complex
structures like cells and dendrites. After this, additional
structural methods such a
s edge detection and line detection are
needed to determine the relationships between these structures.
For this purpose, HALCON provides fast and reliable methods.

3D vision:

In medical technology, 3D imaging methods are getting more and
more important.
E.g., a drilled tooth can be scanned three
dimensionally by a laser line, and thus a 3D model of the inlay
can be reconstructed. Afterwards, a robot countersinks an accurate
dental prosthesis ready for use based on this model.

Pharmaceutical industry:

the pharmaceutical industry, image processing primarily
supports quality control during drug production like crystal
growth control, liquid level control, or print control (OCV) of
inserts and outer packing. Moreover, a pharmaceutical manufacturer
can proo
f the color of pills or if a blister is unbroken and
complete. With HALCON, many of these pharmaceutical industry
applications are robustly implemented.

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