Analysis of lead times of metallic components in the aerospace industry through a supported vector machine model

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nalysis of lead times of metallic components in the aerosp
ace industry through a
supported vector machine model

F.J. de Cos Juez
, P.J. García Nieto
, C. Ordóñez Galán
, J. Martínez Torres

Mining Exploitation and Prospecting Department, University of
33004 Oviedo


Department of Mathematics, University of Oviedo, 33007 Oviedo (Spain)

Departament of
Natural Resources,

University of Vigo, 36310 Vigo (Spain)



The aim of the present paper is the analysis of

the factors that have influence over the
lead time of batches of metallic components of aerospace engines. The approach used in
this article employs support vector machines (SVMs). They are a set of related
supervised learning methods used for classificat
ion and regression. In this research a
model that estimates if a batch is going to be finished on the forecasted time or not was
developed using some sample batches. The validity of this model was checked using a
different sample of similar components. Thi
s model allows classifying new batches in
batches of products that are more likely to be delayed and those with fewer chances of
problems before the start of the manufacturing. Therefore a buffer time can be taken
into account in order to avoid delays with

respect to
the customer’s delivery.
some other researches have been performed over the data in order to determine which
factors have more influence in manufacturing delays.

Finally, conclusions of this study
are exposed.