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Collision Procedures:

Rust Proofing Labo

(Body wax)
_____ Labor units for each panel and _____ Materials.
This allowance should b
e capped out at a maximum of ____

units of labor per job and
_____ per Materials per job.

Corrosion Protection:

Primer prior to Seam Sealer _____Labor Units for EACH AREA being caulked and
_____ for materials.

Weld thru Primer

_____Labor units for each panel being welded in and _____ for each
_____ units of labor.

Prep to Install Welded Panels:

This includes clea
ning and removing the old welds,
undercoats, seam sealers, body wax, etc. This is going to be a judgment time. However,
some suggested times are listed below:


Core Support:

_____units of labor

Full Front Rail:

_____units of labor

Section o
f Front Rail:

_____units of labor

Apron Assembly:

_____units of labor

Section of Apron Assembly:

_____units of labor

Rocker Panel:

_____units of labor

Floor Pan:

_____units of labor

Quarter Panel:

_____units of labor

Outer Wheel House:

__units of labor

Inner Wheel House:

_____units of labor

Rear Body Panel:

_____units of labor

Repair of Adjacent Welded Panels after removal of Damaged panel
: This is going to be a
judgment time.

Example: If you remove a rear body panel on a Hond
a, you will be required to
repair the flanges of the rear frame rails, straighten
repair the floor and quarter
panel areas where the previous rear body panel was welded in, etc. These panels will be
damaged during the removal process. Therefore
some labor allowance must be made to
repair these adjacent panels that are damaged during the removal process.

Prep pinch welds before and after clamps:

_____ units Body Labor

Vehicle Set up Time to mount a vehicle on the Drive on bench syste
: _____ units of

Frame Labor.

Mechanically Measure and Diagnose Damage prior to the repair process:

_____ Units of Frame Labor.


ment and Diagnosis of
Damage prior to the repair process

_____ Units of Frame Labor

t Interior Trim during the repair process:

_____ Units of Labor

_____ Materials

This includes bubble wrapping of any parts such as lights, or door trim panels.

Protect Vehicle during the repair process:


units of labor and _____ Materials to

Collision Wrap to protect open areas after disassembly, seat covers, steering
wheel covers, and floor mats.

Protect Convertible Top

during the repair process

_____ Units of Labor

_____ Mat

Refinish Procedures

Finish Sand

and Buff

_____ of the basecoat labor. Materials calculated at
_____ per

Flex Additive:

This is required on the refinishing of Plastic Parts.

_____ Units of Refinish Labor and the equivalent Materials.

Refinish Pinch Welds after Clamps:

____ units of paint labor and Materials.

Prep repaired areas for Paint:

When there are __________ units of repair labor per
panel the estimator should calculate _____ unit of Refinish Prep Labor for each panel that
has _____ units or less repair lab
or. If a panel has __________ units of Repair l
abor then
there should be

units and the equivalent materials, __________ units = _____
Refinish Preparation units, etc.



If a fender has _____ units damage and a door has _____ unit
s of damaged there
should be _____ units of Refinish Prep Labor and the equivalent materials
because they are separate panels.


If a Quarter panel has _____ units of damage and a Door has _____ units of
damage then the Refinish Preparation Labor charge sho
uld be _____ units of

Prep Welded areas for Paint:

When calculating Refinish Prep labor for Welded in panels,
this too can be judgmental, however, suggestions are made below:



Core Support
: A Core Support being welded in could require pr
eparation to the
welded areas at both the left and right aprons as well as the left and right frame
rails. For a core support _____ units of labor per welded area would be a
suggested time. Thus, this particular core support would require _____ units of
finish preparation labor.


Quarter Panel

A Quarter Panel being welded in could require preparation to the
welded areas at the rear body panel (inner
outer), the rocker panel (inner
the outer wheelhouse, the inner wheelhouse, the inner roof area,

the exterior roof
sail panel area, the floor extension, etc. The suggested Refinish Preparation labor
time would be _____ units of labor per welded area. Thus the quarter panel could
require approximately _____ units of Refinish Preparation Labor. This am
could vary +


depending on the specific vehicle make or model.


Lt Front Apron Section

A left front apron section being welded in could require
preparation to the welded areas at the rear section of the apron area top and
bottom, thus _____ for t
he top and _____ for the bottom could equate to _____
units of Refinish Preparation Labor.

Mask during the Priming

1rst Time of Covering Vehicle:

_____ Units of labor and the equivalent materials.


Time of Covering Vehicle:

_____ Units of Labor and the equivalent Materials.

Mask during the C
ut in P
rocess (inner panels) Painting of the inner panels:

This is a judgment time. Examples:


The inner trunk area, inner quarter panels, and the inner rear body panel require
ng (Blending) from welding the rear body in. A suggested labor time for this
operation would be _____ units of labor and the equivalent materials.


A core support has been welded in. The engine compartment area requires
masking and protecting in order to pa
int the aprons, frame rails, and inner core
support from the welding process. A suggested time for this would be: _____
units of labor and the equivalent materials.


A quarter panel has been welded in. The inner rocker panel, inner roof area and
the inner
quarter wheelhouse have to be refinished. The interior area of the
vehicle requires masking to protect from overspray. A suggested time for this
would be __________ units of labor and the equivalent materials.

Mask Jambs and Openings during the Priming a
or Painting P

Mask jambs or openings _____ per panel less _____ overlap between each panel for

ask beyond 36

inches during the Final Refinish

Cover Car): _____ Units of

Mechanical Procedures

d Coolant Systems and Purge:


Units of Mechanical labor

Disconnect and Reconnect Battery

Units of Mechanical Labor

C Evacuate and Recharge:


Units of Mechanical Labor

Reset Electrical Components


Units of Mechanical Labor

doesn’t include

SRS Lights requiring reset by the dealership.

Mount and Balance of a new wheel:

Units of Mechanical Labor

_____ for Wheel Weights and _____

for a valve stem.

Protect Open AC Line


of Mechanical Labor



All Alignments should be done at the specific
information provider’s Alignment times at the Posted Mechanical Labor Rate.

General Procedures

Solid Waste Disposal:

_____ per

Repair Order

** This is a minimum charge per job. This includes waste disposal of tape, paper, etc
from the refinishing of the vehicle, cardboard boxes, etc from the new parts, and disposal
of damaged metal, plastic parts, etc. If the repair is a larger repair, then t
hat should be
taken into consideration.

Hazardous Materials Removal

_____ per

Repair Order

This should be written on any estimate requiring any Refinish work or involving
Mechanical Hazardous removal (i.e. oil, antifreeze, etc.):

Tire Dispo
sal Fee:

per Tire requiring Disposal

Clean vehicle back to Pre Accident Condition:



of Labor at the Body
Labor Rate.

If a vehicle is a fast track shop or mechanical work only, this fee is not to be charged.

Stock Materials Charges:

Bumper Repair Materials:


per Bumper Repaired with Plastic Filler. This
is not applicable to bumpers that are being just sanded or heated.

Rust Proofing (Body Wax):


Seam Sealer Tips:


Seam Se
aler Fusor 123/123 EZ:


Seam Sealer Wurth Sprayable:


Seam Sealer Wurth Brushable:


Weld Thru Primer:


AC O Rings:


Washer Fluid


Power Steering Fluid:


Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil:


Dye R 134:


Dye R 12: