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Time and Attendance Software

A Software Application to Replace the Current
Paper Based, Manual Process

Personal and Academic Excellence

Inspired by a Collaborative and Innovative Learning Environment

Additional Considerations Other Than Paperwork Reduction

Improvement of Fair Labor Standards documentation

Control of processes and “gate keeping”

Standardization of process for all staff

Efficient and easy to use process for all staff

Enhanced timeliness of data processing

Enhanced ability for cost control

Reduction in error rate and real time error identification and correction

Enhanced ability to track and report hourly and overtime pay

Time Clock Biometric Devices

Biometrics verifies the identity of an individual based on six unique feature points of the

it does not record the fingerprint.

Biometrics dramatically reduces time fraud or “buddy punching” in addition to eliminating
the need for immediate administrative help resulting from lost or forgotten badges or ID

The device uses a high
performance optical sensor to identify or verify a person’s

A finger is placed on a plastic scanning plate illuminated by an LED light source, the
finger is then scanned and the six point structures are encoded and saved as a
biometric template in numeric format in the local database of the device.

The biometric numeric template created from the six point structures will be matched to
your user ID

Social Security numbers or other personally identifiable information are
not used.

Salaried Non

Custodians, Nutrition Workers, Secretary, Admin Techs, Technical
Support Specialists, Nurses, Instructional Assistants, Maintenance staff,
Lead Technology Specialist, Reprographic Specialist, CLASS Site
Director, MLK PAC Manager

Hourly Employees

Tutors, Substitute Nutrition, Substitute custodian, Athletic Coaches,
Adult Education

Salaried Exempt employees with Secondary Job for Hourly Pay

Salaried Exempt


Counselors, Coordinators, Administrators, Principals, APs,
Athletic Directors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Network Engineer,
Supervisor, Sub Teachers and Sub IA’s

Who Will Be Using The Devices?

What’s Coming Next?

Posters will be strategically placed throughout buildings for initial

communication about the upcoming initiative

Time keeping devices will be installed with Principal/Building Supervisor


Implementation Timeline



Walker, Division Administration, Division Annex (CHS),
Adult Education

At the same time, enroll staff division wide

These groups will also fill out time sheets so that we can validate
current system with new system


All others

All staff will use new system only going forward

How You Can Help:

Communication is key

be informed and help staff understand

the reasons behind this initiative

Generate positive, enthusiastic awareness about TimeLink

Be a “Champion” leader of this project