Biometrics: Facial Identification


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Facial Identification
Opening Management System, without Key.


Proud to have over 30 years experience in the security sector,
FERRIMAX is a leading company producing security products.

Its manufacturing flexibility and its know-how convert FERRIMAX into
one of the main actors in the demanding and risky places.

From the simplest safe to the most sophisticated, FERRIMAX develops
and manufactures any kind of safes, according to the EN 1143-1

In steady progress and striving for an exemplary quality, its
investigation & Development department is always studying the latest
technical solutions, to offer top quality products, which comply with
the international standards and are certified by prestigious laboratories

This technological lead is spread on a global scale thanks to a
distribution, networks sales event through the dynamism of its export
department, which strengthens day by day FERRIMAX’ presence in the
worldwide market.

The union of mechanics and electronics through the incorporation and
telecommunication and biometry convert FERRIMAX into a front line
company and imposes it as a worldwide reference matched with an
optimal security.


The Spanish Association for Standardisation (AENOR) certifies that the
quality management System adopted by FERRIMAX for all its services
and departments, as well as for the maintenance of safes, and physical
security products and for the special armors complies with the
requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard.

FERRIMAX whole manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the
final packaging are geared towards the protection of the environment.


Armoured Showcase for Jewellery, with Cupboard

Safe CF 830, Grade IV

Biometrics: Facial Identification

Ferrimax Opening Management System offers you the possibility to act remotely on the devices. Moreover, all the
installation can be adapted, according to the customer's needs.

The Opening Management System without Key, through Facial Identification, allows you to manage and control the
opening of Safes, Strong Doors, Security Cupboards, Showcases and other products of Physical Security.

With this product, Ferrimax offers to the market an innovative system, which fulfill all the requirements and offers the
necessary alternatives for the Opening Management of products fitted with this system.

Main Features:
- The Opening Management System is able to operate with various users
- It checks systematically the physical state of the lock: open or closed
- Registers in its memory all the activity, that can be then consulted and analyzed.
- External communications, to allow the Technical Service to act through Computer to solve problems that
user cannot solve.
- Co-action Alarm System in case of threat.
- Blocking of showcases and stepped opening in case of alarm activation.
- Recording and identification of the user through Biometric Reader through Facial Reconnaissance.

Drawing of Ferrimax Armoured Showcases Management