Environmental Security and the Middle East:


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Environmental Security and the Middle East:

An Internet Guide

By Elissa Slotkin

Researching environmental security on the web has incredible advantages and disadvantages.
Because this topic has arisen fairly recently, many of the most important informatio
n is available
directly on the web. Unfortunately, a basic web search will yield an incredible amount of information
to sift through, most of which seems to be only slightly relevant. In addition, the major environmental
security of the Middle East is re
soundingly the issue of water, so I’ve provided some resources that
focus primarily as water as a source of conflict in the region.

Jumping Off

The following sites offer up the best general places to start, and present background, history,

reports, statistics and most other things you may be looking for related to
environmental security and the Middle East. All of these sites have “depth”, and when taken together
should cover nearly every aspect of the environmental security issues of the
Middle East.



These should be your first stops. The first site, the Transbo
undary Dispute Database, allows you
can search issues from international treaties to digitized inventory of the worlds watersheds.
Numerous helpful links to online journals, books and articles, as well as a short links section.
The second site is a great

link to all sorts of official agreements/ documents related to water in the
Middle East. UN studies, water provisions in peace agreements, international water laws, USAID
research on water issues, etc. Highly recommended.


Columbia University’s Middle East water issues links page.


Environmental Change and
Security Project web site at the Woodrow Wilson International Center
for Scholars. This site serves as an information clearinghouse on the views, activities and policy
initiatives falling under the rubric of "environment, population and security." You ca
n access
their two publications, the Environmental Change and Security Project Report and the China
Environment Series. Site includes transcripts of Project meetings, a searchable Virtual Library
and a good links section.


This is AQUASTAT, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization's global information system of
worldwide water and agriculture. AQUASTAT provides users with inform
ation on the state of
agricultural water management across the world, with emphasis on developing countries and
countries in transition. Search by country or by water
related issue.
Excellent site.


UNESCO’s links page to various helpful sites for those interested in raw worldwide water
statistics over the past 50 years. In most of these databases, the Middle East can be found under



Check out the incredible links page on this site. Everything you ever wanted to know about water,
not exclusive to environmental security.


All you ever wanted to know about international water law. Search under “Middle East” for a
full bibliography of web
based and non web
based resources pertaining to water law and the
Middle East.


School of Oriental and African Studies Water Issues Group’s website. Check out some of the
most cutting
edge graduate study rese
arch, publications and search through their on
line database.


The World Banks’ Water links page.
Has over 40 useful and updated links to organizations,
institutes, government websites that should help you find info on whatever aspect of water
security you’re looking for.


Sadat Center for Strategic Studies….search “water” for 10 pages of articles and
primary documents on water as a security issue in the Middle East


The ROPME (Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment) website looks
at environmental damage in the Persian Gulf region.

Bibliographies for further study

These sites all provide extensive lists of books,
articles, reports and speeches for those seeking a
deeper study of environmental security and/or water in the Middle East. PLEASE NOTE: These are
bibliographies of printed, non
based materials.


Very useful database run through the School of Oriental and African Studies


Meria’s Middle East water bibliography.


The United Nations extensive non
web based bibliography of water iss
ues in the Middle East.
An excellent resource for those needing extensive background, but unfortunately, the
bibliography seems to only go through 1993.


This is the Environmental Security Database at the University of Toronto. This resource contains
about 20,000 items catalogued by subject areas. The database provides you with short abstracts
of the recommended articles/book


NATO’s environmental security website. Not exclusively related to the Middle East.

Other, more obscure links:

So many of the proceeding recommended sites have such strong links pages, that I’ve only included a
few more obscure links that I haven’t seen very frequently.


This page offers access to the environment
related sites for all branches of the US military. (links)


Stockholm International Water Institute


International Water Management Institute