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ADBC Developer’s Kit

Complete Java connectivity for your HP e3000…

Product Description

The ADBC Developer’s Kit

is a comprehensive set of Java classes to help support
Server, Web
Enabled, Java
Enabled and e
commerce systems, that use the
Packard e3000 servers. The ADBC Developer’s Kit includes a complete set of
object oriented, Java classes that can access the award winning IMAGE database
management system, MPE, KSAM, and SPOOL files. ADBC also allows you to call
existing business
logic located on your e3000.

Core Features IMAGE/SQL Access without the SQL

The ADBC IMAGE/SQL database objects allow you to access data from your IMAGE
database management system, without the overhead of ODBC, JDBC and SQL. The very
simple, standard J
ava classes allow you to quickly identify and access data from any
dataset in any database located on any e3000.

Complete access is available (Read, Write, Delete, Update). ADBC also allows you to
lock on the database, dataset and data item levels. A
ll IMAGE data types are supported
with our very easy to use “set” and “get” methods. ADBC handles data type conversion
automatically for your convenience.

Third party indexing, dynamic database logging and roll
back recovery is also supported.

KSAM and SPOOL File Access

The HP e3000’s file system is very easy to access using the ADBC file classes. We use
the same methods to access the file system as IMAGE using classes. This makes
accessing your HP e3000 very easy. This access is the most di
rect method.

Complete access is available for your file system (Read, Write, Delete and Update).

With the ADBC SPOOL file classes, you can make existing reports available to the web.
You can also use these classes to quickly create tools which all
ow you to archive spool
files for later extraction, freeing up valuable disk space.

in Europe by

The Internet Agency


182, Lymington, SO41 3XG, UK


+44 (0) 7836 364575

The ADBC file classes will also allow you to print to any logical device located on your
HP e3000 from the internet.

Subprogram, Function and System Intrinsic Access

o other third
party Java solutions allow you to access existing subprograms and
functions from the web. This feature is very powerful for rapidly developing your web
based applications. This allows you to reuse existing business logic that has been
ng error
free in your current applications in your new web based application. This
cuts down development time considerably.

Access to system intrinsics can also add powerful features to your web and e

GUI Development and Debug

The ADBC Developer’s Kits can be used with any of the popular IDE develoment tools
such as Symantec Visual Café and IBM Visual Age. The use of these tools can speed
both development time and debug time.

Multi Tier Solutions (Application Server

Using our Java Server Page (JSP) tags and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) you can develop
multi tier solutions that will be compliant with any of the popular applications/web
server’s on the market (IBM’s WebSphere, BEA’s WebLogic…). We also supply our
wn application server that is always compliant with the current application server
standards for HTTP, JSP, EJB.


MPE and database security is used in the ADBC connection classes. Standard web
security is also utilized if handled with any of the p
opular web servers you may choose to
run ADBC.

Ease of Use

ADBC is easy to use for HP e3000 programmers and Java programmers that have no
knowledge of the HP e3000. All our classes use polymorphism for a complete Java,
object oriented approach.


NO Java API for the HP e3000 can come close to the performance of ADBC. We do not
use any ODBC, JDBC or SQL overhead. We strive for lean, powerful solutions for your
critical web based, e
commerce solutions. ADBC al
lows you to stay competitive
when opening your system to your customers and vendors.

Look what our customers are saying:

“I'm very pleased with the outcome of my testing, and I have

reported these findings to the higher powers at _______”. “I tested

against our part
master dataset, one of the most widely used sets

in the division”. “It contains 163,000 records (roughly), and the best

time for serially reading this set is 41 seconds, the worst 58

seconds”. These results are outstanding! Our best
odbc driver

managed to read this set in around 5 minutes”. “So, I think we're up

and running”.

“I will be recommending this product to be included as part of our

architecture (future)”.

“I want to personally thank you for all your help”. “The pro
duct is very

good, and I like working with it very much”. Thanks to ADBC, I think

we have solved one of our greatest problems, which is accessing

our legacy data from a remote (non 3000) platform...”

Please contact us today for a live demo accessing y
our OWN data! See for yourself.
You will not be disappointed!!!

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