ARM GPU Tutorials Abstract

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Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know to go from scratch to building Android applications.

First Android Native Application

An introduction and walkthrough of Android native applications.

Graphics Setup

Setting up your application ready for graphics.


How to create your first triangle.


Tutorial 4: Introduction to Shaders 1

An introduction on how shaders work, explaining the graphics pipeline.

The user learns
how to change the colour of the triangle in different ways (solid
colour, colour per vertex).

Turotial 5: Introduction to Shaders 2

This tutorial reinforces the concept of the graphics pipeline. The user learns how to transform
the triangle (rotate, sca
le, translate).

Tutorial 6: 3D and the Camera

Introduces the camera concept and 3D shapes. The user will learn how to get a cube

on the
screen, and how to manipulate the camera in the host code and in the shaders, explaining the
"duality of the camera".

Tutorial 7: Textures

Introduction to textures and texture compression, by using a spinning cube. It shows texture
formats and t
he benefits of compressed textures, as well as how to compress textures and use
them. Show how to do alpha compositing in ETC1, and introduces ETC2 on OpenGL ES 3.0.

Also it goes through the concept of mipmaps.

Tutorial 8: Fonts

Shows ex
amples of how to do basic font rendering.

Tutorial 9: Lighting

Explains how lighting works in OpenGL ES and it introduces diffuse, specular and ambient

Explains the relationship between textures and lighting.

Tutorial 10: Particle effects

Shows examples of how to do particle effects.

Tutorial 11: Shadows

Explains examples of how to do shadows.

Tutorial 12: Bump mapping

Shows how to do bump mapping in OpenGL ES 2.0.