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What is a Mozilla Add

Mozilla Add

are installable enhancements like flash or realplayer that allow
users to add or improve application features, work with new types of content, or
use themes.


What are 2 online forums that you think could be
useful for this class (provide
links). If you don’t know what a forum is, then research on your own to find


both be useful forums for this class.


What is your plan if your computer crashes during the course?

If my computer crashes during the time of this course, I will need to rely on the
school computers, as my other computers d
on’t have the needed software.


When creating a website, technically all you need a Domain Name and Server
Space. What are 3 providers of Domain Names and Server Space (IE

Three providers of Domain Names and Server Space are (where
have always gotten ours), and


If you get stuck with a technical problem, what are 3 web based options
(websites) you have found to figure out a solution? Provide links to your

Three websites I have found useful w
hen I get stuck with technical problems
include youtube, which has multiple tutorial videos (,
Adobe support (, and
which offers tutorials on
many different computer
related topics.


If your book is late and week 3 is starting, what would you do to get your
book immediately? For this class, the book is absolutely critical.

If my book were late and week 3 was starting, I would do whatever I could
to get
the book! I went through this last quarter, and the needed book was unavailable
at local bookstores, Amazon, or any other place I could think of; I could
only wait until the Bookaneer got more in stock. Luckily, this quarter, I have my
s already.


If you do not have the knowledge to code a website, but you need one
immediately, what are some of your options?

If you do not have the knowledge to code a website, but you need one
immediately, you could create one quickly with a website builde
r such as on, or use a pre
formatted location such as, or you could
hire someone to build a website for you (which wouldn’t be quite as immediate).


What is a web module?

A Web module represents a Web application. A Web module is cre
ated by assembling servlets,
JavaServer Pages (JSP) files, and static content such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages
into a single deployable unit. Web modules are stored in Web archive (WAR) files, which are standard
Java archive files.


What is your favorite website?

My favorite website is I love arts and crafts and all things vintage, and
that is what etsy is all about.


How do you manage your passwords? Do you keep them somewhere? Do
you only have one? Etc..

Managing passwords is a problem. I have found that I can’t have just one, as
different sites have different password requirements, like including numbers or
special c
haracters, or a certain length. So, I have mine written down … which
seems to take away a certain element of security, since anyone who really wanted
to could find them.


Which browser do you use by default?

My default browser is Internet Explorer.


What is
a Content Manage
ment System (CMS)?

content management system

) is a system providing a collection of
procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment, allowing
many people to both access and provide input.


What is an example of a Social Media site?


is an

example of a Social Media site.