Course Offering in Spring 2010 Genetic Engineering - Biology


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•Gene expression,Cloning, & Manipulation 
of Plasmids
•Mammalian Cell Culture
•Quantitative PCR
•Antibody Generation
•Use of Fluorescent Tags (i.e. GFP)
•Protein Expression & Purification
•High‐throughput Technologies
Expression of a EGFP-tagged Nuclear Protein in a
mammalian cell
Array Profiling
Course Offering in Spring 2010
Genetic Engineering
This course is open to all graduate students & upper level undergraduates.
Entry into the course is through consent of the instructor. Cell Biology (PCB3023) & Genetics (PCB3063) are
required. Cell or Genetics Laboratory is recommended.
For more information, please contact Dr. Nanjundan:
BSC 5420: 3 Credits
MeeraNanjundan, Ph.D
Departmentof Cell Biology,
Microbiology, & Molecular Biology