The Writing Page

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The Writing Page

Entering Text

Infinitec Coalition Trainers Cadre

June 23, 2010


Participants will:

Identify the various components of the typical writing process

Analyze the writing process for students with disabilities

Identify tools specific to student needs

Explore online or digital tools that are

readily available

Entering Text: Low Tech Options



Magnetic letters / words

Dictate to peer / adult writer

Digital Voice Recorder

Red light / Green light

task analysis of cognitive vs motor

High Tech Options:

Simple Text Entry :

Word Processor

Web based word processor

Portable word processor

Writing with supports:

forms / fill in blank / drop down

word prediction

text to speech

symbol based writing

High Tech Options

Alternative Keyboard Entry:

screen keyboard

Microsoft built in

Click 'n Type (free download)

Voice Recognition

Scanning options paired with paired with symbol based
/text program

Google Documents

Web based access


no other software needed

Multiple student access

can work on document at same

Access from home and school

Microsoft Accessibility Features

Key repeat

Sticky keys, mouse keys, filter keys

Portable word processor (video of
student use)

fusion (word prediction)

Review Activity

Write down a tool and how they plan to use it with a
particular student

Share ideas