The cutting-edge Rails IDE

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The cutting-edge Rails IDE
Code with Guidance and Inspection
Quick Navigation right from the editor:

Go to declaration — navigates to where the function,
variable or label in question is declared.

Go to symbol — navigates to any symbol in project code.

Jump to overridden methods, classes and modules with
active gutter icons.
Find/Highlight Usages
locates other places in your entire
project where a given symbol is used, with quick preview and
navigation to the actual usages.
verify Ruby code for many types of possible
errors or code smells such as: unreachable code, incorrect call
argument count, unused local variable, etc. Many inspections
come with one-click quick-fixes for the detected problems.
Key Features
Code Faster with a Smart Editor
RubyMine takes care of details and helps you code faster.
RubyMine provides you with
for Ruby
keywords, classes, variables and more.
Line and block commenting
— single keystroke to
comment/uncomment current line or selection.
On-the-fly error highlighting
— errors are shown as you
Quick definition / documentation view
— see the object
definition or documentation in-place.
RubyMine shows method parameters and RDoc
documentation for a symbol. Doc is built on the fly from code
comments and supports YARD annotations.
Integrated spellchecker
checks your strings, verifies
variables and method names and is smart enough to
understand multi-word Ruby-style names.
Test Thoroughly with RSpec, Cucumber,
Shoulda or Test::Unit
Write unit tests, run them quickly from directory, file or class,
and examine their results in the special test runner UI.
Refactor Safely
With refactoring capabilities provided both for Ruby and
JavaScript, you can easily and safely modify the code
structure as well as undo the modifications:

Pull Up/Push Down

Inline Variable


Safe Delete

Safe Rename

Extract Method

Introduce Field/Variable/

Extract Superclass
Hunt Down Code Flaws with Ruby &
JavaScript Debuggers

Set breakpoints in Ruby files, JavaScript or Rails views

Conditional and exception breakpoint types

Evaluate an expression in runtime

Execute any Ruby statement in the Debug console

Debug remote applications
SQL Console
RubyMine auto-detects the database your Rails project
uses and offers an SQL console. SQL syntax highlighting,
code completion and requests history make the console
a useful tool.
HAML, LESS, SCSS and more
RubyMine offers a powerful HAML editor with syntax
highlighting, specific assistance for Ruby blocks and smart
auto-indentation support.
LESS is supported with syntax highlighting, on-the-fly syntax
checking, LESS variables support with code completion, one
click go to declaration, usages search and rename refactoring!
High-Speed Coding
HTML Editor allows you to use the power
and speed of Zen Coding.
, press
and you’ll get
<div class=”feature”>
Validation and Quick-Fixes
RubyMine detects and suggests auto-fixes for such problems as:

missing attributes

wrong references to files

duplicate attributes

invalid CSS selectors

invalid CSS properties

and more...
Learn more and download a free 30-day trial:
Web Development
HTML5 Support
We are constantly improving RubyMine to support
the latest standards. Now you can easily enjoy HTML5
development with RubyMine. It understands HTML5 tags,
attributes, and even helps you with the new JavaScript API:
Ruby on Rails
Rails specific code completion
works for
Controllers, Helpers, Views and Routes, DB Fields defined in
migrations, DB associations defined in Models, etc.
The Model dependency diagram
displays all project models
with their attributes and associations.
Headquarters and International Sales:
North American Sales:
West Coast
1900 South Norfolk St. Suite 350
San Mateo, CA 94403
Tel: +1 650 577 2345
Fax: +1 866 838 6784
East Coast
324 New Brooklyn Road
Berlin, NJ 08009
Tel: +1 609 714 7883
Fax: +1 866 838 6784
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ch 57/443,
14700 Prague 4, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 241 72 2501
Fax: +420 241 722 540
RubyMine Licensing and Pricing
Download free 30-days trial at
IDE Generic
Version Control Integration
RubyMine supports most popular Version Control Systems:
Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, and more.
Tight integration with all IDE features allows you to automate
all the tedious tasks (adding, removing, deleting files). A built-
in visual diff/merge tool resolves all conflicts in a quick and
intuitive manner.
The changes made locally are highlighted as you type in
the editor gutter, providing intuitive navigation and a 2-click
rollback for individual changes.
Integrated changelists, shelved changes and the Repository
Changes view make RubyMine a first-class VCS client.
Customizable Cross-platform Workspace
RubyMine runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.
The IDE comes with several editor color schemes bundled
and offers broad highlighting customization options.
RubyMine promotes using the keyboard over mouse. Every
common action can be performed from the keyboard. The
IDE offers several pre-built keyboard schemes and a Vim
emulation plugin for a more comfortable learning curve.
Commercial License
For companies, and
For individual
For open source
projects developers
For trainers and
educational institutions
Personal License
Classroom License
Open Source Project