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Built on the Rapid Intake eLearning Development Platform, Unison is a web-based solution that allows indi-
viduals and teams to collaboratively capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based courses,
lessons, learning games, quizzes, tests, and more —without having to know Flash! Not only does Unison include
a state-of-the-art authoring tool, it also comes with an integrated course review management system at no extra
cost. Invite anyone to review your courses online and easily collect and manage their feedback!
Unison includes the following modules:
Create Interactive Flash e-Learning
Courses in Your Browser.
• RapidBUILD
Collaborative course authoring system
Form-based Accelerated Development Templates
WYSIWYG Page Layout Development
PowerPoint Conversion (audio and all animations supported)
Integrated Course Templates
XML-Driven Modular Development
Real-time Collaborative Development
Versioning Control
Linear or Non-linear Page Linking Navigation
Collaborative course review system
Collaboratively Review Courses Built in Unison or in Any
Other Tool
Course Review Window for Rapid Feedback Collection
Auto-page Assignment
Email Notification for Reviewers
Threaded Discussions
Issues Status Workflow Management
File Attachment
Quiz and test builder
Quiz and Assessment Creation, SCORM Tracking
12 Different Question Interaction Types
Introduction and Results Page, Email or Print Results
Quiz Review
Three Layers of Feedback
Question Pooling and Randomization

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• RapidMEDIA

Collaborative online media manager
Media Conversion, Including Audio, Video, Image
and PowerPoint Files
Unlimited Online Storage of Converted Media
Multi-File Uploading
Media Tagging and Searching
File Attachment
• Full PowerPoint Converter
Supports All Animations
Embedded Audio Conversion
Inclusion of Entire PowerPoint or Individual Slides
Hyperlink Conversion
Automatic Scaling to Fit Course Skin
• Pre-Built Interfaces
Course skins and color picker
Over 15 Different Course Skins Color-picker
Support for 1024x768 and 800x600 Course Skins
Player 7 and Player 8 Versions of Almost All Skins
Default AS3 Style for Advanced Developers
• Page and Interactions Pack

See all included pages
Template pages and Interactions that include use of
PowerPoint, Text, Image, Audio
Video External Flash Movie (SWF)
Image Mouseover
Step-By-Step Sequencing
Terms and Definitions
Completion certificate
• Learning Games Pack

See all included pages
Scatterbrained (Jeopardy-style Game)
Risk It All
Trouble With Triples
Concentration (Matching)
Jigsaw Puzzle
• Branching Scenario Simulation Pack
Soft skills simulation builder
Simple Form-based Development
Text, Image, Audio, and Video Support
Customized Scoring
Progress Meter
Step-by-Step Feedback
Whole Scenario Feedback
Retry or Restart
• RapidSDK

Flash source files and SDK
Flash Source Files (.fla and .as)
Use of Fully Customized Skins & Page Interactions
• SCORM Output
See publishing options
SCORM 1.2 & SCORM 2004 (3rd Edition)
*also supports AICC, CD-Rom and non-LMS pub-

Award-winning support system
Instant Access to Bug Fixes and New Features for
Your Account Level
Unlimited Email & Live Chat Support
Unlimited User Training (Both Live and Online)

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Create Interactive Mobile Learning
Content with mLearning Studio.
Anyone will be able to create and deploy mobile learning content with our easy-to-use mLearning Studio; choose
templates, add text, images, audio, video and quizzes, then publish. The content is delivered in a fully HTML5
compatible mobile course player with cross-platform support for iPhone, iPad, Android (2.2 and higher); and
Blackberry (6 and higher).
Below are just some of the features you will find in the new mLearning Studio:
• Publish to both Flash and HTML5
With direct integration into Rapid Intake Unison™, the mLearning
Studio allows you to create your course once and publish the same
course to both HTML5 and Flash. When the learner accesses the
course from their desktop they will see the Flash version of the
course, and when they go to the same course from their mobile
device they will see the same course in a mobile-friendly format.
• Touch Capabilities
With HTML5 you can take advantage of the touch screen with
swiping from page to page, tap-to-zoom and other features that
create a native mobile app-like experience.
• Test & Review
mLearning Studio is an online application so it allows you to col-
laboratively test and review your courses with your entire devel-
opment team. You can preview your course with three different
mobile views: Phone, 7-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet. If you have Unison you can also preview the Flash version
of your course right in the same area. Leave comments and suggestions right within the same tool. Simply click
“Add an Issue” and leave your comment. That issue then gets assigned to the developer which can manage and
take care of the issue
right within mLearning Studio.
• Tap to Reveal Controls
With the limited phone space you don’t want controls taking up your screen real estate.
The mLearning Studio player automatically hides controls on every phone so they
only show when the screen is tapped. This gives you more room to focus on
the course content and not the course player.

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• Course Table of Contents
With the tap of a button you can see the course table of contents with sub-topics. This allows the user to navigate
to a certain page in the course. If you are on a tablet, the Table of Contents shows up on the left hand side of the
device when held in landscape mode. The Table of Contents is automatically built as you add your course pages
in mLearning Studio.
• Course Glossary
With mLearning Studio you can easily build a course glossary. The user can access the glossary at any time or
you can link them to a definition from any word within the course itself.
• Video Support
Upload videos to mLearning Studio and they will convert automatically to the correct format to play on all mo-
bile devices, saving you from having to worry whether they will work or not. Users can control the video through
their mobile device’s built-in video controls.
• SCORM Compliant Quizzes
mLearning Studio can produce SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant courses. Simply publish your course
to SCORM and choose your settings. The published package will contain all the necessary SCORM files to run
inside of your LMS.
• Adapts to Screen Size
mLearning Studio courses automatically take advantage of the screen size
of the mobile device. No need to worry about the screen size of the mobile
device your learners may have; the course will take advantage of the whole
window and even adapt to tablet-size devices.

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on your e-Learning project!
Quickly add interactive content to your Rapid Intake courses without
the need for programming skills or special software. Create every-
thing online and simply download a file to insert into your Unison
courses. Make your courses shine with the Rapid Intake SWFMaker
• Easy Form-based Development
• Over 70 Theme-based Interactions
• Single SWF Output
• Unlimited Interaction Creation
• Use of Interactions In Unison or Other Flash-based Solutions
Rapid SWFMaker (Included in bundle)
Ultra Premium Bundle
Gets you everything:
Unison Premium + mLearning Studio

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per user per year
Unison Pro
per user per year
per user per year
per user per year
Flash Output
powered by Unison™
_ _ _ yes
HTML5 Output
see compatible devices
_ _ yes yes
This component is powered by the
mLearning Studio
_ _ _ yes
collaborative course authoring
yes yes yes yes
collaborative course
review system
yes yes yes yes
support system
yes yes yes yes
quiz and test builder
yes yes yes yes
collaborative online
media manager
yes yes yes yes
Flash source files and SDK
_ yes _ yes
interaction builder
_ _ _ yes
Full PowerPoint Converter
see all supported functions
yes yes _ yes
Pre-Built Interfaces
course skins and color picker
yes yes yes yes
Page and Interactions Pack
see all included pages
yes yes yes yes
Learning Games Pack
see all included pages
yes yes _ yes
Branching Scenario Simulation Pack
soft skills simulation builder
yes yes _ yes
SCORM Output
see publishing options
yes yes yes yes