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Course Objective

The objective of this course is to develop among students an
understanding of the persuasive nature of finance in the overall
management and policy formulation of an organization.

Course Con

Nature and scope of financial management, Time Value pf Money,
Cost od Capital, Determining incremental Cash Flow, Capital
Budgeting Techniques, Managerial options in Capital Budgeting,
Valuation of a firms shares in an effectual Market frame work
ased on Portfolio analysis and CAPM, Capital structure planning,
Dividend policy, Working capital Management, Short term,
Intermediate term & Long term Financing.

Recommended Books:

Schall, Lawrence D. and Haley, Charles W. , Introduction to
Financial M
anagement, New York, McGraw Hill.

Van Horne, James C. , Financial Management and policy,
Englewood Cliffs, N.J, Prentice Hall.

Viscione, Jerry A, and Roberts Gordon S, Contemporary Financial
Management, New York, Maxwell Macmillan.