Non Destructive Testing


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Industrial Imaging Soultions provides NDT solutions, helping our customers make the transition to digital imaging.

Non Destructive Testing

Industrial Imaging Solutions provides Non Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions helping
our customers make the transition to digital imaging. With over twenty years of industry
experience, our Level III Engineers have been
successfully converting inspection processes
to digital inspection within a diverse base of customers and industries.

IIS partners with Kline Technical Consulting LLC on x
ray systems, notably port and
container scanning systems.IIS is the largest sharehol
der (and the only corporate
shareholder) of KTC. KTC and IIS from time to time use their KTC Global entity for special
work. KTC provided early funding for IIS and became a key shareholder of IIS. KTC and IIS
each were reorganized on the split of HYTEC (wh
ich KTC co
owned); HYTEC divided into a
medical/dental scanning technology unit (now owned by 3M) and the defense and energy
unit work was taken up by Melton/IIS and Kline/KTC which have continued that work.

Product Solutions

Replacement X
Ray Tubes and Ca

Industrial Imaging Solutions carries several options in tube and cable replacements.
Please refer to the link below for our list of replacement parts.

Our turnaround time for special orders is typically 48 hours or less conventional tubes.

addition to conventional tubes we offer specialty products like Linear Accelerators, Tube
inserts and custom designed x
ray tubes.

Portable X
Ray Tubes and Controllers

We carry a wide range of portable x
ray tube/Generators for the NDT, Security and EOD
rket. Our range of portables includes: hand held 120 and 160 kV battery operated mini
focus units, 180 to 360 kV conventional portables, pulsed battery operate portables
ranging from 130 kV to 270 kV, and portable 1 MeV accelerators.

The light
t hand
held pulsed portable units are commonly used by the Emergency
Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams and law enforcement professionals. Pulsed sources work
best with conventional film and CR technology.

The light
weight hand
held pulsed portable units are co
mmonly used by the Emergency
Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams and law enforcement professionals. Pulsed sources work
best with conventional film and CR technology.

Constant potential hand held portables provide superior images where the application
requires t
he source be small and portable. These units work well with a wide range of
digital and real time imaging technology. They can also be equipped with a wide range of
accessories including crawlers and lazier pointers.

CR Emergency Response (EOD) unit

This rugged and durable portable unit is ideal for field use.
The system can handle Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP) in
all common film sizes up to twelve inches wide as well as
customized PSP. For field use it is configured with a
Panasonic Tough book compu
ter and the IIS Iview

This scanner works equally well for low output pulsed sources like the Golden
Engineering unit or with isotope sources.

Ultra High Resolution

This is our ultra high resolution CR scanner with spatial resolution

han twenty line pars per mm (>20 lp/mm). To obtain this
high resolution, the scanner needs special High Resolution Phosphor
Storage Plate (PSP). Using a standard PSP yields a resolution
comparable to the NDT unit shown above. It is designed to work with
osphor Storage Plate (PSP) in all common film sizes, up to fourteen
inches wide. It also works with custom sized plates (i.e. 2 x 72 inch)
plates for panoramic weld inspection. This unit is normally
configured with a desktop work station and a high resolut
ion high contrast twenty one
inch LCD display, but can be adapted to other specifications.

Linear Diode Arrays

Linear Diode Arrays (LDA) are one of the older and most widely used digital imagers.
LDA's are

a scintillator directly coupled to a photo diode to convert the x
into an electronic signal. This direct couple configuration allow for collimating of each
pixel. The columniation of each pixel allows for thicker scintillator

ator blur. With thicker scintillator these imagers become ideal for high speed
imaging and low dose applications.

This is why LDA images are commonly used in conveyer fed imaging systems. The
collimated pixels with thick scintillator are the imager of cho
ice for CT and Cargo
inspection system.

the provide superior signal to noise ratio.

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