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http://www.solomonlawyer.com | Robert Solomon will provide you with the best bankruptcy filing help available. He has been noted as being the best bankruptcy attorney in Long Island and New York. If you need bankruptcy help your search is over.


Bankruptcy Attorney

Robert H. Solomon, PC is a bankruptcy law firm and debt relief
agency assisting people and businesses to obtain relief under the
Bankruptcy Code since 1982. We provide all
inclusive client services
in the areas of Ba
nkruptcy, Foreclosures, Repossessions, Debt
Settlements and Mortgage Modifications. Our attorneys have helped
thousands of people get out from under crushing debts. With our
help, you can take steps to get peace of mind and a new financial

In a
free consultation, one of our attorneys will review your situation,
answer your questions and recommend a strategy for you. This may involve a Chapter 7
bankruptcy that eliminates credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debt. Or you
may qualify

for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that reduces or eliminates your debts by creating a
debt repayment plan.

Under certain circumstances we can even get rid of your second

Criminal Law


represent clients charged with


criminal offenses i
including drug
related crimes,

drunk driving, serious motor vehicle violations and disorderly person charges.

As with all firm matters,
criminal cases are carefully managed to produce a timely and positive resolution. We fully guard and
protect the civil

rights of our accused clients.

Real Estate


have handled the purchase and sale of

residential and commercial properties large and small.

are familiar with all the pitfalls, title issues and land issues to guide our clients seemlessly through the
cess of buying, selling or refinancing.

Commercial Litigation

Today, successful litigation is the result of not only legal expertise, but also the careful balancing of cost
and reward.

Our attorneys pursue cases in the most efficient manner possible. Fr
equent communication
with clients through each step of a case ensures their full involvement. The result is that litigation is
conducted aggressively, but with a view toward bottom line considerations.We practice in both state
and federal courts,

rative agencies and arbitration panels.

We are experienced in general
litigation with an emphasis on commercial, corporate, banking, real estate, land use, environmental,
personal injury and medical malpractice matters. Clients include individuals and bus
inesses involved in a
wide variety of industries.

Bankruptcy Introduction

We represent both individuals and corporations in bankruptcy.

We are a bankruptcy law firm
and debt relief agency assisting people and businesses to obtain relief under
the Bankru
Code since 1982.

If you are an individual confronting overwhelming debt, you are not

We are here to help and have helped

many individuals


economic situations.

Of course, every person's situation is

Trying to figure out
whether bankruptcy is appropriate or
advisable is not easy and requires expert advice.

Friends and family may
have advice but

this advice is often confusing, conflicting and mostly

The reasons for overwhelming debt are as varied as human
rience and include job loss, illness and divorce.

In addition, credit
cards and mortgages have been made too available

to refuse.

The result
is that more and more

Americans are financially overwhelmed.