Media Release For immediate release For more information, ____date__________ contact ______________ at ___________________ Author Says You Can Go From Mistaken Identity to Flawless Face Recognition

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Media Release

For immediate release

For more information,


contact ______________

at ___________________

Author Says You Can Go From Mistaken Identity to Flawless Face Recognition

in Minutes…and Improve Your Life at

the Same Time

(City, Date) Maybe you don’t have a photographic memory for what you read, but you
can have one for a face seen with only a glance.

“There’s a method to it and even when you start learning the method, you begin to see
results,” said Dr. D
onna Schwontkowski, author of Million Dollar Memory (MDM) for
Names & Faces and President of MDM, Inc. Her book integrates three topics: crime
prevention, memory for names and faces, and face recognition.

Schwontkowski became a crime victim while simult
aneously working on a doctorate in
chiropractic medicine and a Master’s degree in nutrition. “My life totally changed from
being very, very good with everything right on track to very, very bad with me not
knowing who I was, thinking about giving up my aca
demic goals and considering
suicide. This continued for years. I’ll do anything I can now to prevent others from going
through what I went through.”

The suspect in Schwontkowski’s case disguised himself by wearing a ski mask so she
was unable to recogniz
e him. He remains at large. She developed a patent
method to remember and describe a face after just a glance and is now teaching it to
college students across America. Her goal is to have 100,000 trained eyes in face
recognition by next July 4

Schwontkowski believes that with trained eyes watching, before long, eyewitnesses will
be much more accurate and people will make more eye contact with each other, and
become more sociable.

“Once you know what characteristics make faces different and h
ave a specific but simple
method to remember and describe a face, you’ll most likely love mingling, networking
and using your new skills on the job. It helps improve your life in many little ways and a
summation of the little ways cause an overall improvem

After years teaching chiropractic students how to learn and remember one
half semester’s
information in 3
6 hours, Schwontkowski practiced chiropractic medicine/ nutrition/
alternative medicine. Then, after 9
11, she decided to focus efforts on how
to use
memory to help find missing children, criminals and terrorists and developed her method
of face recognition that can be used by the public as well as law enforcement.

She’ll be presenting her method to criminal justice students (and other students
) on
campus on ___________ at __time____. The training will be located at __________.

Attendees at the session will be able to receive MDM certification with successful
completion and are eligible for a scholarship offered by her company, MDM, Inc. For
ore information, see

For more info, please contact __________________ at __________.