Collimators for Radiography and Fluoroscopy

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Collimators for Radiography
and Fluoroscopy
Product Description
The purpose of the multileaf collimator is to collimate
exactly the radiation beam emerging from the X-ray tube
assembly onto the size of the object to be displayed.
Collimation is manual with the aid of the field light
localizer (except A 01 II and AF 01 II) or motor-driven by
automatic format collimation system.
The current source-image distance (SID) and the size
of the collimated radiation field are displayed on a LCD
display except A 01 II, AF 01 II.
A laser line localizer is available for centering the bucky
except for type A 01 II, AF 01 II.
For optimizing the image and radiation quality three
different Cu-filter can be selected.

Lamellae close to the source to shield off extrafocal

Additional prefilters integrated in the collimator for
manual (AL 01 II eL) or motorized operation (AL 02 II eL,
A 01 II, AF 01 II, AFL 01 II eL)

Bucky light generated by laser results in a sharp
light line for all source-image distances (not A 01 II and
AF 01 II)

Display of field sizes optionally in cm (default) or inch
where available

Rotation by ± 45° with a stop in 0° position by swiveling
flange (not A 01 II and AF 01 II)

Tape measure integrated in a user friendly way in the
collimator (not A 01 II and AF 01 II)

Two foam protected accessory rails facilitate attach-
ment of additional devices and further filters (not A 01
II and AF 01 II)
Options and accessories
Set of three-field templates for
SID 90 – 110 cm / 36 – 42‘’
SID 110 – 130 cm / 42 – 50‘’
SID 130 – 175 cm / 50 – 70‘’
SID 175 – 220 cm / 70 – 90‘’
The collimator is prepared for installation of a DAP
chamber as well as a CANopen DAP chamber.
In order to fulfill your particular requirements, we also
provide you with customized versions of this product.
Collimators for Radiography and Fluoroscopy
AL 01 II eL AL 02 II eL AFL 01 II eL AF 01 II A 01 II
Part number 10092612 10092614 10092618 10092603 10092606
Minimum field size
Maximum field size
Radiation field scale tolerance
3 cm x 3 cm with SID 100 cm
43 cm x 43 cm with SID 90 cm
< 0.75% of the SID
(Data for SID = 100 cm)
Minimum diameter
Maximum diameter
None None Octagonal
7 cm
50 cm
7 cm
50 cm
Additional prefilter
0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 mm Cu
Operation Manual Motor-driven Motor-driven Motor-driven Motor-driven
Light localizer
(Data for SID = 100 cm)
Projection LED
Bucky light line
Radiation field – light field tol.
Time switch
24 Vdc / 25 W
> 200 lx
> 4.5
< 1.2% of the SID
0...255 sec via CAN-Bus,
10, 30, 60 or 90 sec fix per jumper
No light
Radiological properties
Inherent filtration
Radiation shielding
1.0 mm Al at 70 kV
150 kV
0.5 mm Al at 70 kV
150 kV
Leakage radiation < 0.5 mGy/h (at 150 kV / 3mA, at 1 m distance from tube assembly)
Electrical interface
Collimator power supply
Light localizer power supply
CAN interface power supply
24 Vdc (± 10%), max. 2 A
28 – 40 Vac (± 10%) max. 3 A or 24 Vdc (± 10%), max. 3 A
13 – 27 Vdc (± 10%) 150 mA
24 Vdc (± 10%), max. 2 A
Data interface CAN-BUS CAN-BUS CANopen DS402
Mechanical interfaces
Flange to the tube assembly
Source flange distance
Accessory rails
Diameter: 136 mm, thickness: 2 mm
80 mm
2 rails
Width: 178 mm; Length: 178 mm; Height of the guide:
2 mm
No accessory rail available
Quality standards CE, UL, CSA, DHHS
Weight 10.5 ± 1.0 kg
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Barometric pressure
10 ≤ T ≤ 40° C
– 40 ≤ T ≤ 70° C
20 – 75%
70 – 106 kPa
70 – 106 kPa
Service maintenance-free
Technical Data
Collimators for Radiography and Fluoroscopy
All dimensions in mm
Models AL01 II eL, AL02 II eL
and AFL01 II eL
Model A01 II, AF01 II
If you would like any further information or to arrange
a consultation, please feel free to contact us.
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Siemens reserves the right to
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this information for equipment
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These components and
configurations are not finished
medical devices. Compliance with
all laws and regulations that are
applicable to finished medical
devices is the responsibility of the
assembler/manufacturer of the
finished medical device.
The information in this document
contains general descriptions of
the technical options available, which
do not always have to be present
in individual cases. The required
features should therefore be
specified in each individual case at
the time of closing the contract.
The components are labeled as
“Manufactured by Siemens”.
However, the buyer shall not market
the components using the “Siemens”
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The buyer may integrate these
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using its own brands and labels.
The product names and/or brands
referred to are the property of their
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This product bears a CE marking in
accordance with the provisions of
the 93/42/EEC directive concerning
medical products.
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