Software Life-Cycle Management


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Software Life
Cycle Management

OIT Site Licensing

Michael J Dangler


2008: Internal Audit reviewed several areas
around the University for software management

Early 2009: OIT begins the Anti
Malware project.

Summer 2009: OIT Site License Advisory Team
forms from the Anti
Malware project members


Nov. 2009: Discussion of Software Life
Cycle, centering on OIT’s process and seeking
input on departmental process.

Software Life
Cycle Management

Best Practices (not a policy or standard)

Divided in two parts:

How to contact OIT Site Licensing to request
licensing of a product

How departments can manage products internally,
using OIT Site Licensing’s process as a model

OIT is also working toward these best

Goals of Life
Cycle Management

Provide best practices to departments

Help new staff members understand some of
the processes OIT does, and help guide them
toward best practices

Set a goal within OIT for responsible
management of software that minimizes risk
and exposure

Overview of the Document

Licensing Software through OIT

Managing software within a department

Needs Assessment



Asset Management


Retirement and Sanitation

Relies on some ISO controls throughout

Key Points in the Guide

References Site Licensing policies

Makes request forms available

Indicates that OIT will seek to utilize these

Offers resources for departments who want to
license something

than what OIT has
licensed centrally

Provides resources for disability/accessibility

Helps define roles for management

Final Notes

SL considers this a “living” document: we
hope for (and expect) feedback on the
document, and requests for products to help
departments take advantage of these

“Best Practice,” not “policy”

Additional resources are expected to become
available over time