Building the Business Case for IT Asset Management


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Kris Barker, Co
Founder and CEO

Express Metrix

Building the Business Case

for IT Asset Management

About Express Metrix

Provider of IT asset management solutions

Hardware & Software Inventory

Software Usage Metering

License Management

Profitable and privately held

Over 1.8 million users worldwide

13+ years of continuous product development

Recognized for quality of products and support


ITAM Challenges

Common Pitfalls

Building the Business Case

Overcoming Management Objections

Quantifying ROI

Q & A

ITAM Challenges

Building a strong business case / internal selling

departmental coordination / support

Competing objectives among business & IT

Disconnect between those with the power to say
“yes” and those who understand the problem

Internal resistance & course corrections are to be

Common Pitfalls

Failure to obtain management buy

Lack of ITAM knowledge

Lack of dedicated cross
functional team

Failure to recognize & inform less obvious

Poor process definition,
emphasis on tool

Biting off too much at once

Failure to document & share

Building a Strong

Business Case

Align Business & IT!

Understand business initiatives, and IT’s role
relative to those initiatives

Reduce costs?

Increase revenue?

Improve service levels?

Manage risk?

Map ITAM business case to initiatives

Ensure metrics for measuring program success are
connected to business initiatives

Understand Your

Stakeholders’ “Hot Buttons”


Service levels

Staff efficiency


Employee productivity

TCO reduction

Desktop standards


Assets vs. liabilities


Maximizing return on capital

Asset depreciation


Better price points

allocation of assets

Improving negotiating power

Order fulfillment


Minimizing risk

License compliance

Government regulations

Protecting intellectual property

Business Units

Increasing revenue

Employee productivity

Employee satisfaction

Debunk the Myths

ITAM is not…

A technology solution

Just about licenses or compliance

A silver bullet or quick fix

Just an IT issue

A one
time “project”


the Benefits!!!

Cost Reduction

Dollar Savings)

Reclaim unused licenses; avoid unnecessary
purchases & maintenance fees

Take advantage of the best licensing program

Standardize the desktop environment

Establish more effective long
term IT planning &
budgeting practices

IT Efficiencies

Dollar Savings)

Automate manual processes

Centralize hardware & software asset tracking

Prepare for technology upgrades / migrations

Extend inventory data to support staff for

Reduce support incidents & training costs via
software standards

Risk Mitigation

(Cost Avoidance)

Monitor & ensure license compliance

Mitigate regulatory compliance risks via
improved IT governance & controls

Reveal intellectual property liabilities &
vulnerabilities (music piracy, spy ware, chat
programs, file
sharing apps)

Ensure machines meet security & software

Competitive Advantage

(Revenue Acceleration)

Make better quality decisions via more
complete & transparent information

Rapidly handle IT aspects of M&A and
departmental changes

Improve worker productivity

Deploy new technology more quickly &

Employ Successful

“Selling” Techniques

Be patient and “stay the course”

it will pay off!

Understand the “CXO” mindset, speak the language

Embrace a presentation style that’s appropriate for
executive audience

Find the right project sponsor to “champion” the

Know the Management Objections

(and how to overcome them)

We don’t have budget.

We can’t afford NOT to make this investment.

Tip #1:

Show how investment will save $ in short and long run
(ROI metrics).

Tip #2:

Emphasize the risks of NOT acting, for example:

Compliance penalties

Ongoing purchase & maintenance of unused software

Security breaches

Tip #3:

Request resources for pilot program.

Know the Management Objections

(and how to overcome them)


Other projects take priority.


ITAM will allow other projects to be implemented
more efficiently and successfully.

Tip #1:

Familiarize yourself with priority projects.

Tip #2:

Interrelate ITAM’s specific impact on other projects.


Technology migration has impacts on licensing &
maintenance, who has it already, who needs it, what systems
are / aren’t prepared. ITAM addresses all of these.

Quantify the ROI

Rule of thumb: If it’s not an “essential” program, you
need to justify it

Start with software

higher level of investment and
therefore savings potential

promise and over

Communicate only those results you can document
& verify

Run pilot program, demonstrate potential impact of
broader program

Thank you!

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