Linux System Administration Quiz 1 & 2 Study Guide


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Linux System Administration Quiz 1
& 2
Study Guide


What are the 6 runlevels and what they do?

What are ALL of the uses for the su command?

How do you use the chkconfig command?

What is the path to your user home directory?

What command lets me change from run level 5 (GUI) to run level 3 if I type it in the terminal?

What is SElinux and what modes of operation does it have?

What command can shut down the computer from the command line? What are it arguments and what
do they


What ports do http, ssh, and ftp use?

What format is used in the /etc/host.allow file to allow
access to your computer?

What does cupsd do?

What is the primary difference between windows printing and Linux printing?

How does

public key encryption work

How do you access the cups graphical utility?

How do you use the lpq command line utility to view print queues?

How is the scp command used?

What command do you use to check the status of a service?



Chroot jails

IP tables

NAT (Networ
k Address Translation)

PLC (Page Description Language)

Printer driver

Print filter

.conf file