Java Programming Assignment 3

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Java Programming Assignment 3
Instructor: Joel Gompert

Description: Write a number guessing-game with a graphical user interface using Java
Due: before midnight, Friday, Aug 6.

Your program may be either an applet or an application, but it must use Java Swing for
the user-interface.

Your program will choose a random number (say, between 1 and 100), and have the user
guess the number. After each guess, your program will tell the user whether the guess
was too high or too low (or correct), and then the user can guess again, and so on until the
user guesses the number correctly or too many guesses have occurred, in which case you
can tell the player that they have lost.

As for the range of numbers and other details of interface, I’ll leave that up to your
creativity. You may also want to allow the user the option to restart. I might possibly
give bonus points if people come up with and add any interesting additional features.