Spanish Visa Application Instructions


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Making the appointment to appear in person and apply for the visa

All consulates are now requiring a personal appearance to submit documentation, though some
will allow “an authorized representative” to apply on your behalf. This means you may write a
letter authorizing a family member to apply on your behalf (this lett
er needs to be notarized).

In this case, however, you will be required to appear in person to pick up the visa.
Boston is not
currently allowing someone to apply on your behalf.

Some Spanish consulates are now requiring that the passport with visa stam
p inside be picked
up in person when it is ready. Again, some consulates you may allow you to authorize a
representative (this means write a letter stating the name of the person you are authorizing to
pick up your passport/visa, sign, and date

this lette
r should be notarized). *Currently San Fran
will mail it back to you if you provide them the return envelope (Express mail envelope with
stamps from the US postal service

no FedEx/UPS etc.). New York requires that you complete
an on
line UPS shipping lab

“create a shipment”.

Most Spanish consulates require an appointment (not Houston or DC

for these you should just
show up early the day you plan to apply, as they only process a certain number of applicati
per day

if that number is 25 and you’re the 26

person in line, you will be turned away). You
should email or complete the consulate’s on
line registration for an appointment where available,
and you should show up early and very prepared for yours.

In all cases
schedule early

before you have all of your documentation
to ensure that you get an appointment that works with
your schedule and allows for the consulate’s stated processing time. Some consulates (Boston)
do not open all the months of
their on
line calendar at once, so if the month you want looks to be
full, but you are scheduling well in advance (1 month or more ahead), it’s likely that month’s
calendar isn’t yet open. Keep checking every day

seriously, once the calendar opens for
e/July and October/November especially, it will fill quickly and if you do not get a visa
appointment early enough to allow for processing (up to 7 weeks) you will not get the visa and will
not be able to participate in our School in Spain.

Schedule your


: schedule your appointment on


will accept applications up to 120
days before the start of the program abroad.
as the type (top left drop
down on the Boston consulate site)


: schedule your appointment on


urrently, they will not accept

so you need to gather your documents
and show up early the day you plan to apply.


: email
, but currently, they will not accept appointments,
so you need to gather your documents and show up ea
rly the day you plan to apply.

They may

allow an agent to apply on your behalf if you do not live in Texas.


Los Angeles
schedule your appointment on


: schedule your appointment on


New York
schedule your appointment on


San Francisco
schedule your appointment on

To make an appointment for all consulates abroad, please call the consulate directly for
instructions. They will likely require m
ore documentation, so let me know if I can help you with
anything additional, such as proof of housing.


You will need to research your individual consulate’s requirements, but these are standard across
many consulates,
including Boston, so I’ll offer them here with a brief explanatory note for some
of the questions I get most often. Please take originals, plus two photocopies of everything to the
consulate (unless more copies are required by your consulate)
, including a

copy of your passport
Also, make one copy of everything for your own records to take with you to Spain to facilitate the
registration process once you are abroad (don’t be annoyed if they return your originals to you
and you’ve made an extra photocopy

lways better to have more copies than not enough).


National Visa Application


see step by step directions for
completing it below. Some consulates require an original signature on all three (so print,
complete all but signature, photocopy, then sign all three).

1 “Supplement Form”

see directions for completing it b
elow (Currently only required in

AND PHOTOCOPY of the ID page
get the photo part and the signature part


The passport must be


and valid for six months after the intended period
of stay in Spain.


The passport must be in good condit
ion (they’ve turned down ones that have
gone through the washing machine and students have had to get replacements).


The passport must have at least two blank visa pages (the ones that say “visa”
on the top

the three last pages of US passports do not coun


If you need to obtain/renew a US passport, do so immediately:

One of the following:
US driver’s license, US State ID card, Voters registration card, or
current student ID as proof that you may apply at your chosen consulate.


recent passport size photos with a

(not off

double check when you get
yours taken) background. This

photo will not match the photo in your passport. You
should have this photo taken at a place that takes passpor
t photos

do not try to print

yourself. Attach one photo to each of the application forms (glue sticks work best,
though if your consulate asks for tape or staples, do as they instruct

if no instructions
are given, use a glue stick).
*Pomona students (especially) have

photos th
at are
too small in the past, so be sure yours are 2x2 inches square.

Letter of acceptance as a full time student from Spain's University/School or US program
name, address and registration number of the school with

Spain's Department
of Educat
ion; (Ministerio de Educación de España) full payment of tuition, duration of the
program, subjects of the study and hours of study per week which must be no less than
20. [This is the letter in Spanish provided for you by our office

signed by


Los Angeles has also begun requiring the acceptance letter from your university
in Spain (for students in Madrid, this does not apply), so if you are attending one
of the sites (Getafe, Córdoba, or Logroño) and applying through the LA consulate

or see this requirement on your own consulate’s website)
, let our office know so
we can get this letter for you as well.

Health Insurance (original form): International insurance coverage for health/accident with
a minimum coverage equal to €30,000 during
the planning period of stay in Spain (or its
equivalency in dollars). [This letter is also provided to you by our office, since Middlebury
College purchases your health insurance for the time you are abroad.] Later, once I have
actually enrolled you in t
he health insurance plan, you will get an email from HTH
Worldwide (our insurance company); you should follow their instructions to register and
print your insurance card from their web site.

Proof of financial means

during your stay: Please provide


the following:


**SUGGESTED**Notarized letter from your parents or legal guardians assuming
full financial
responsibility for at least $2,0
00 per month for room and board.
Suggested wording: “I hereby certify that I'm the (father/mother/other) of (...). I
will support him/her with a monthly allowance of at least
while he/she is in
Spain and I certify that I'm financially responsible for any emergency that may
arise". [This is what the majority of students, even those not financially
supported by the
ir parents, have found easiest to procure.] Have the responsible
party sign the letter before a notary public (found at banks, post offices, colleges
campuses, etc.).

*In San Francisco, and likely in other consulates to come, this
letter now requires pro
of of parental income in the form of tax returns/ bank


Letter from the University or School in Spain or in the U.S. assuming full financial
responsibility during your stay

this is NOT included in your letter, as you pay
your expenses in Spain o
ut of pocket, so this option will not work for you.


Proof of financial aid or scholarship for at least

per month for room and
is the highest figure I’ve seen). Your award letter (original) can be
this proof if the amount is high enoug

**This document requires notice and you
cannot request it from Student Financial Services on the same day you expect to
have it back; please plan accordingly.

It must explicitly state that these funds are
for use in Spain
, which it will not unless you
tell your financial aid office.


Personal bank account statements showing

at least €1,500 per month of stay.

Order (no personal checks or cash accepted at consulates) payable to “Consulate
of Spain” to pay the

visa fee of

0 for US ci
tizens or


for other
nationalities (double check this amount with your consulate

they seem to change it
whenever the exchange rate between the dollar and the Euro fluctuates

or the US raises
its visa fee

Notarized letter from you allowing someone el
se to apply on your behalf (applicable only
if you are not applying in person for your visa

and if permitted by the consulate

does not permit anyone to apply on your behalf.


To the Consulate General of Spain in (City)

I, (your name), giv
e permission for (name of person applying) to apply for my student
visa to study in Spain for the (semester/year) of (year(s)).


(Your signature

WAIT to sign it in front of the notary public)

(Your printed name)

(Signature from the notary public


Notaries on campus include Nicole Chance, Beth Karnes
Keefe and Lena

(summer only)

all in Sunderland. Banks and major post offices have
them as well.

One word of caution: just because it is true for one consulate, does not make it true for

they are autonomous offices with their own rules.

Additional Requirements for Students Staying the Full Academic Year
graduate students***

(US citizens abroad for only one semester do not currently need any of the

Medical Certificate: Doctor's statement on practice or medical center letterhead
(important) indicating that

you have been examined and found to be in good health.
cannot be written on a prescription pad

it must be a typed letter signed by a doctor (
a nurse practitioner or other medical professional).
Some consulates ask for specific
wording, like New York:
“The student has been examined and found in good physical and
mental health to travel to study abroad and is free of contagious diseases or a
ny other
illnesses which could lead to Public Health repercussions according to the International
Sanitary Regulations” or Boston "This medical certificate attests that Mr. X does not
suffer from any illness that would pose a threat to public health accor
ding to the
International Health Regulations of 2005.” IF your consulate doesn’t give
wording, you may use some combination of the above; otherwise, use whatever your
consulate provides. Check to see if your consulate requires that this be notar
ized (if so,
check to see that a notary is on staff at your doctor’s office to witness the signature) and
then apostilled, which requires sending it to the secretary of state in the state in which it
was issued for authentication.

It can take several week
s/months to schedule a routine
physical like you will need to have to get this letter, so call your doctor early and be sure
they understand you will need to have this letter before leaving.

Boston does not
currently require that it be notarized or transl

This must be issued within 3 months
of entry into Spain (not of your visa appointment), so best to make a doctor’s appointment
for early June and app
ly for the visa in mid to late J
une; otherwise, you will have to get a
new letter with a new date.

issued background check(s). You will need a

background check from
every state in which you have lived during the past five years
for more than six months
(usually one for your permanent address and one for your school address will suffice)
Alternately, you can apply for the FBI background check

it takes
8 weeks

to issue, but
if you have lived in several places, it will be easier and less expensive (especially to
translate) than individual state checks.

you’re a graduate student and
you’ve been
living in Spain, they
may require one from Spain as well (though currently, New York
does not).



You DO need a
tarized version because you’ll then have to send it
to t
he secretary of state’s
office for an apostille (and they will only apostille documents that have already
been notarized).


Other states: Google:
Your state

background check

Some consulates
including Boston,

require that this document be
apostilled and also
translated, which means you’ll have to pay a service to translate it for you (no, you cannot
translate it yourself, not even if you are a native speaker).

The Ame
rican Translators Association recognizes many:

One in Boston we have used is:

inlingua Language Services


617 542 6777

: A secondary level of certification for use in foreign governments. If you get a notarized
state background check, send it to the secretary of state office in the state in which it was issued.
For the FBI background check, you’ll send the document to th
e US Dept. of State for the apostille.

Submit one set of originals (include the passport and money order in this set) + one set of copies
(include the passport copy in this stack) + keep one set of copies for you to take with you to Spain

Additional Requ
irement for Non
U.S. Citizens

Evidence of your migratory status in the USA (
Only for non US citizens
): Provide your
“Permanent Residence Card,”
"Alien Registration Card
" or

“US Visa with I
(except B1

If Nicole is applying on your behalf, provide her the original and a copy
(she will return the original to you after the appointment); if applying on your own, take
the original and a copy.

Checklist of application materials:

Your original, signed
passport + copy

Your completed, double sided, signed 4 page application for national visa (2 originals)

2 passport photos

one each glued to each of the above

Your completed, signed supplement form (1 original)

Proof of financial means + copy

Money order fo
r $160 (US citizens; $81 non
US citizens) payable to the “Consulate
General of Spain”

Medical certificate (if studying abroad for the year) + copy

FBI or
Police background check, apostilled and officially translated (if studying abroad for
the year) + copy


rint the form


(unless your consulate specifies tape/staple)
one passport photo to the

1. Last name as it appears in your passport

2. Leave blank if your name has not changed
since birth

(married women use your maiden name,
if different)

3. First, middle as they appear in your passport

4. Date of birth: written two digit day, spell out the month, fo
ur digit year (ex. 10 May 1983),
unless otherwise specified by your consulate.

. Place of birth means city

6. Country of birth

7. Current nationality (list them all, then list your nationality at birth, if that is different)

8. Gender

male or female as stated in your passport

9. Marital Status

10. None of you are minors, write “N

11. Unless you are a grad student who has been recently living in Spain, y
ou do not have one

leave blank

12. Type of passport is “ordinary passport
” (unless your parents are diplomats

or you’re in the
, in which case, you might have a


or a “service”
passport, but you probably
also know it)

Your “travel document” is your p

and your passport

number is the nine digit number
in the upper right corner
of the ID page
(of a US passport)
. The validity is also found o
n this

. Issued by:
For most:

Dept of State

it should be written on the passport, middle, right. This
is held over from when the different agencies would write “Boston passport Agency”, etc.
Alternately, it could be the government and city (go
vernment of South Africa, Johannesburg) if
your passport was issued abroad. If yours doesn’t say anything, write “
Dept. of State

17. Use an address within the consulate’s jurisdiction through which you are applying (either your
home address or your scho
ol address

they do not like to see PO boxes, so use a physical street

Also include your email address.

18. US citizen
s should check “no.”
Otherwise, check yes and list your current residency status
and validity.

19. Current occupation: “student

20. Main purpose of the journey: check “studies”

21. Intended date of arrival in Spain: you do not need to have purchased a ticket, but try to be as
accurate as possible. If you need a visa to enter Spain as a tourist (US citizens do not require a
rist visa), be sure you do not arrive in Spain

the date you list here

your visa will not be
valid and you will not be allowed to enter Spain or the Schengen states. US citizens are able to
enter Spain as tourists, so it’s okay to enter before the s
tart date on your visa, but you still want to
be as close as possible.

Remember, if you leave the US on August 31, your date of entry into
Spain is September 1 (one day later than your flight).

22. Multiple entries.

23. Use the address according to your s

(the part in bold below)

Sede Prim, Madrid
(Grads and Undergrads in Madrid)

Middlebury College School in Spain; Calle Prim, 19 Primera Planta; 28004 Madrid SPAIN

Telephone: Fax:

Patrícia Rodriguez

Email address:


Juan de Dios Torralbo:

Universidad de Córdoa

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

Cardenal Salazar, s/n

14071 Córdoba, SPAIN

Tel: +34 957 218 752


Raquel del Pozo:

Universidad Carlos III

C/ Madrid, 126

28903 Getafe, Madrid

Tel: +34 91 624 9326


Rosa Pérez:

Relaciones Internacionales

Universidad de La Rioja

de la Paz, 93

26004 Logrono (La Rioja)


Tel: +34 941 299 152

24. N/A

25. N/A


27. N/A

Name of the educational establishment or research center:

Middlebury College School in Spain

Madrid/Getafe/Córdoba/Logroño (indicate YOUR site)

Address of the educational establishment or research center:
Calle Prim, 19 Primera Planta;
28004 Madrid SPAIN


of the educational establishment or research center

Email address of the educational establishment or research center:

Intended date of start/end of studies or research: use what corresponds with your program below,
regardless of you
r actual travel dates

these are the PROGRAM dates for the purposes of your
You may use these dates when purchasing tickets, but even if you plan to arrive
earlier/leave later, these are the dates you must use for the dates of the visa; U.S. c
itizens are
allowed in Spain for 90 days outside the dates of the visa. International students who require
tourist visas for Spain must not travel to Spain before the student visa is active nor remain after
its end date. Use the following:

s in Madrid for the spring: January 7, 2014

May 8, 2014 (122 days)

Undergraduates in Córdoba for the spring:
January 29, 2014

July 4, 2014 (157 days)

Undergraduates in Logroño for the spring:
January 26, 2014

June 8, 2014 (134 days)

Undergraduates in Getafe for the spring:
January 15, 2014

June 3, 2014 (140 days)

Graduates in Madrid for the year: Sept.
4, 2013

May 8
, 201
4 (247


Undergraduates in Ma
drid for the fall: Sept. 2, 2013

December 12
, 2



es in Córdoba for the fall:
Sept. 12, 2013

January 31, 2014



Undergraduates i
n Getafe for the fall: August 29, 2013

January 31, 2014 (156


Undergraduates in Logro
ño for the fall: August 26, 2013

January 3
1, 2014 (159


duates in Madrid for
the year: Sept. 2, 2013

May 8, 2014



Undergraduates in Córdoba for the year:
Sept. 12, 2013


June 30, 2014 (292


Undergraduates in Geta
fe for the year:
August 29, 2013

May 31, 2014



Undergraduates in Logr
ño for the year:
August 26, 2013

May 31, 2014 (279


Please be sure you arrive in Spain in time for your orientation and that you do not
schedule yourself to leave before the last date of the program
. While it is true that your
finish before this date, there is no way to know that yet. My advice is to go through a
student travel agency (recommendations may be found in the Handbook) that allows an
inexpensive change to your return date.

US (and some other) citizens are allowed i
n Spain as tourists for 90 days outside the dates of
your visa. If your citizenship does not allow you to be a tourist in Spain without a tourist visa, then
you must be sure to respect the dates of your student visa

you may not enter before nor leave
r these dates.

You may skip the blanks below “in case of temporary stay of children, etc.” UNTIL you get to
“Spanish al
ien’s identity number (NIE)
or number of the Spanish National Identity Card (DNI) of
the person responsible or of the contact person in
the organization”

and in this space you should

cia Rodriguez Corredoira 50112618B

(she’s the director of the School in Spain).


should be the pla
ce you are applying (i.e. New York
) and the date you are applying.

28. Original signature

needed on all copies,
so complete the form

but do not sign it
, photocopy

double sided
, then sign all copies.

Directions for completing the Supplement Form

(also called
Hoja Addicional

if you
find yourself with a copy in Spanish

to my knowledge, only the Boston consulate is requiring

mplete all information, but these are the trickier questions:

Place of Birth: city and state of birth

Legal status: citizen (or whatever your immigration status is

if you don’t know, then yo
u’re a

Maiden name: maiden name for married women

others leave blank unless you’ve changed your

Address of residency: use your street address (not your PO box), city, state, and zip

Type of visa/number/expiration: leave blank if you are not i
n the US on an F
1 student visa

Profession: student

Company name: Middlebury College

Address: Middlebury, VT 05753

Number of entries: multi

Dates: Use dates of your program from above (question #26)

Port of entry: Madrid unless you’re coming overland thro
ugh another border

Main destination: whatever city you’ll be studying in

Purpose of travel: study

Contact information
Patricia Rodriguez
, Middlebury College School in Spain

Address: Prim 19, Primera Planta 28004

City: Madrid

Zip code

Province: Madr

(This IS the address they ask for

this is the official address of our school in Spain, but if you are
going to a site other than Madrid, it’s possible that they will want you to change the address to
one of the addresses listed above for Córdoba, Getafe, o
r Logroño. I would list the address for
Madrid, and if they give you any problem at the consulate, change it

you’ll have the other
address on your application form.)

: the date you are signing the form (should be close

to the actual date of applicatio

Firma: There’s no line, but
you must

sign this form

What to expect at the consulate

Consulates can be intimidati
ng places, so here are a few things to keep in mind:


You should know that the security officers in the building will not let you go up to the
consulate until it officially opens, so get to the general vicinity early, then grab a coffee
and wait.


You will need to show ID and sign in, and in some cases pass
through metal detection,
so be prepared.


Use the bathroom before you go, as some consulates only have bathrooms on the first
floor, and you don’t want to have to duck out of the waiting room.


Some consulates do not allow food and beverages (Boston, for ex
ample) in the waiting
area, so plan accordingly (especially if you grabbed that aforementioned coffee).


If you want to make the process easier on yourself, photocopy each of your documents
and make one pile of originals and one pile of copies
Put the pa
ssport and the money
order on top of the pile of copies. Understand that although all this is required, the
consular officer will
return the originals to you, as you will need them when you get
to Spain and go to register yourself at the police sta
tion (which you must do within 30
days of entering Spain). That will be explained to you once you get to Spain, but make
sure you pack these originals and take them with you.

Picking up your visa

A select

handful of consulates will return the visa to you

by mail, so if this is an option, you should
definitely take advantage of it and prepare whatever return envelope they require.

For the majority of you, when your visa is ready, no one will call you. So, when you drop it off,
you should ask when it will

be ready. They’ll probably quote you sometime
between five and

weeks. After the wait they quote you has passed, give one additional

week (if your
), then you can reasonably assume your visa is ready for pick
up. You could call so you
feel as though you’ve done all you can to be certain, but they seldom answer their telephone and
you are equally unlikely to receive a return to your call. You can either go in person to pick it up
, at some consulates,

you may send a “legal representat

means you should prepare
the following letter and sign it before a notary public. The person picking up your visa does not
need to be a relative, but will need to have this notarized authorization from you as well as photo
ID (for him/herself).

The letter shoul



To the Consulate General of Spain in (City)

I, (your name), give permission for (name of person picking it up) to pick up my student visa to
study in Spain for the (semester/year) of (year(s)).


(Your signature


to sign it in front of the notary public)

(Your printed name)

(Signature from the notary public)