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Rajna Pajkic

55 Erskine Av, # 701, Toronto, ON M4P 1Y7 / 416.880.1921



Experienced Database/SharePoint/Web Solution/Information Architect with a
broad knowledge of project management, business systems analysis, database
s design and modeling, taxonomy, ontology, knowledge management and
web messaging technology

Led web technology development on several enterprise projects that improved
business process in terms of higher performance, high accessibility, availability,
uracy and increased revenue

Designed dozens of banking solutions and databases based on the advanced
analytical skills for complex problem solving, data modeling as well as significant
depth knowledge of the SDLC

Published Scientific Paper

On the d
ual symmetrical theory of the complex vector field

Quantum Physics


Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Sarajevo

Work Experience

January 2012


SharePoint Consultant / Information Architect/Business Analyst,
Magna International Inc.,



Responsible for developing information and application architecture for the MagNET
intranet SharePoint 2010 Portal redesign project that includes existing SharePoint 2007
shing as well as Collaboration sites

Conduct data analysis and data gathering information architecture discovery sessions
as well as eliciting business requirements with different focus groups that consist of
international senior management stakeholder
s in a full day long sessions

Conduct stakeholder interviews in order to gather business strategy for the departments
involved in the project

Document and present business requirements in the BRD with identified set of use
cases and solicit final app

Document the existing information architecture for the specified SharePoint 2007
implementation sites and the file share in some cases by creating required documents

that include a list of an identified unique document types within the existing si
structures, content types and metadata analysis, as well as the relationships between
existing content types and associated columns

Develop wireframes that depict new user interface design and high level architecture of
the MagNET intranet portal as

well as the detailed architecture of the individual sites
and site pages

Create site map of the new and improved IA that works with SharePoint 2010 and map
it to the existing IA of the MagNET that reflects content moves between publishing and
ration sites involved in the redesign process

Develop taxonomy by identifying enterprise content types that can be used throughout
different sites by utilizing the Content Type Hub, and by defining managed metadata via
Managed Metadata Services

ne site collections and site structures, as well as navigation

Plan and define information management policy and governance

Perform a very large SharePoint POC based on the Information architecture design that
includes configuring the system and sett
ing the sites using out of the box functionality,
custom workflows, custom web parts and use of InfoPath forms, BCS with external
content types as well as enabling Excel Services

Define and create different sites templates, master pages and page layout
templates in
order to improve consistency and efficiency of the site design as well as to improve user

Perform search configuration and customization by defining managed properties and
utilizing best bets, managed metadata, keywords that will p
opulate the refinement panel
enabling filtering and drilling down into the search results

Define the Application Architecture based on the information architecture design plan
that includes logical information architecture with the site
map, site collections, site
structures and navigation, site and page templates, wireframes, content modeling and
content types, metadata and taxonomy, development, with search configuration and

Support complex migration of the content by cr
eating a content migration point to point
document for all included sub sites under the MagNET intranet portal

Work closely with development team in order to help them to translate the final
information architecture documentation into a technical speci

Conduct managed metadata educational sessions for the Business and create
managed metadata training material as well as best practices and governance policies
documents in order to support the use of the Term Store Management Tool

the approval workflow so it runs faster and execute automatically based on the
who initiated the workflow

Present to the Senior Management Information and Application architecture design

December 2011

February 2012

SharePoint Consultant / Informati
on Architect/Business Analyst,
Detour Gold Corp.,




Responsible for eliciting business requirements as well as developing information
architecture for the intranet Share
Point 2010 Company Portal including custom complex
farm sites navigation between the head office and the Mine site

Conducted one
one interviews with business stakeholders to gather business vision
as well as business requirements

Conducted i
nformation architecture discovery sessions with identified stakeholders for
both sites

Documented and presented business requirements in the BRD and solicit final

Developed information architecture as a result of information architecture discovery
phase that includes logical information architecture with site map, site architecture and
navigation, page layouts, and wireframes, content distribution and capacity plann
content types and metadata, search engine planning and optimization, information
architecture security planning and web content management with analytics planning and

Identified and created enterprise content types and share them among
two SharePoint
farms by utilizing Managed Metadata Service and its feature Content Type Syndication

Developed ontology and taxonomy and created Term Store and general Term Set
import file with common managed terms to be used across the SharePoint fa
rms via
Managed Metadata Service

Trained stakeholders on managed metadata and how to create managed terms

Presented Information architecture planning document to the senior management

June 2011

December 2011

Information Architect

nadian Tire Corporation, Toronto



Responsible for developing information architecture for the extranet SharePoint 2010
Store Portal including Publishing site with a complex custom developed Publishing
Agent, that serves
as the main point of communication between the Corporate Home
Office and all active 478 Canadian Stores across Canada as part of the $4M big project
with objectives to redesign Store Portal while migrating it from SharePoint 2007 to
SharePoint 2010

orm discovery phase, including creating end
user information architecture
questionnaire, card sorting exercise, full application assessment, with complete content
inventory that consist of currently 20234 published items across 70 SharePoint
sites, con
tent type and metadata analysis, and conducting in
depth customer


Conduct one
one interviews and focus groups with business stakeholders to gather
business vision as well as business requirements

Develop information architecture as a
result of information architecture discovery phase
that includes logical information architecture with site map, site architecture and
navigation, page layouts, and wireframes, content distribution and capacity planning,
content types and metadata, people
and personalization planning as well as social
tagging, search, information architecture security planning and web content
management with analytics planning and reporting

Introduce use of Excel Services for specific reports so they don

t have to get
downloaded to the client computer anymore

Create Enterprise content types and share them via Managed Metadata Service among
English and French site collections as well as to allow presentation of a different type of
content such as external content type
s linked to external data sources through BCS

Plan, define and implement managed metadata (taxonomy) through features of the
Enterprise Metadata Management that includes classification of the content by creating
hierarchical set of terms and terms sets
to improve the search through tagging and
custom refiners

Improve putabilty as well as findability of information through defining and applying
metadata that are discriminatory, entered accurately and consistently through the
central management of co
ntent types and managed metadata

Plan and implement Information Management Policy including document management

s life cycle), retention, expiration and audit of the content

Add thesaurus feature to improve the search through use o
f synonyms

Develop and recommend new information architecture / security model where currently
2M ACLs could be reduced to 10K which could considerable improve performance

Improve performance by implementing HTML templates to change the publishin
process from embedded PDF to the


HTML content. There are currently
12487 PDF published items on the Portal

Create Managed Metadata Best Practices as well as Managed Metadata Governance
policies documents in order to sustain business process once the project is completed

Create Managed Metadata training material and train designated group of users on
what Man
aged Metadata is and how to create and manage it by using Term Store
Management Tool

Present to the Senior Management and participated in all project meetings

April 2009

March 2011

IT Consultant / SharePoint Specialist,
BC&G LLP, Toronto



Managed the implementation and deployment as well as interviewed and facilitated JAD
sessions to gather business requirements in order to develop project plan and to define

the solution & information architecture of the Corpor
ate SharePoint Intranet Site
developed in MOSS 2007

Documented business requirements and solution scenarios by developing Use Cases,
Activity and Context Diagrams

Built wireframes to communicate the site structure and navigation

Created Solutio
n Architecture Document as well as Logical Design document

Architected the SharePoint farm infrastructures for production, staging and development

Communicated with clients to scope a major project of moving the central content
nt application to the SharePoint and direct the development cycle from
inception to completion

Translated business requirements into a technical solution, defined information
architecture, designed and managed development of the SharePoint solution th
mapped the existing functionality in the SharePoint environment through the use of
metadata and custom content types

Developed governance model for the MOSS 2007 solution

Defined document management policies, site navigation, branding, and site
templates to
support governance model

Developed and implemented workflows using SharePoint Designer 2007 and MS

Evaluated third party tools in order to integrate Hummingbird DMS with SharePoint and
to ensure that backup and recovery are man
aged well as it

s very important that the
SharePoint Corporate Intranet Site is always accessible and its content secure as the
company holds a very sensitive data

Selected the IT vendors based on the evaluation of the products (SeeUnity & AvePoint)

Managed migration to SharePoint 2010 by using AvePoint migrator tool

Built taxonomy using the TermStore Management Tool

Implemented Tag Cloud WebPart so users can identify their relevant topics(folksonomy)

Managed and coordinated all work teams
as well as external vendors and suppliers

Presented to the Senior Management and conducted

Lunch & Learn


Oct. 2007

March 2009

Database Solution Architect / Team Lead,
Scotiabank, IT&S, Toronto


branch Technology refresh


BTR is the largest project that Scotia Bank has undertaken in the last twelve years, with the
allocated budget of $80M. BTR

has won an industry award

CIO 100 for 2009

Responsible for project database solution business requirements definition, data
modeling, design, architecture and development of a logical data model that spans
enterprise multiple data sources required to track and report on ~45
,000 devices and
35,000 LAN connections of existing and the target system and implementation activities

necessary for successful conversion to Win XP at ~1150 branch locations across

Collaborated closely with the network group in order to manage
network connections,
switches, routers, firewalls, TCP/IP protocols in the new post conversion state

Without sophisticated database it was expected that there would be significant delays
and project rework. The database also provided rich reporting cap
abilities, asset
management and software version control

Refresh has saved $1.2 million annually in printing costs and $3 million in one
execution costs. The company also projects a revenue increase due to the new
technology of $1.95 million withi
n five years.

Examined processes, data and environment, collaborated with business stakeholders in
order to deliver a detail proposal and Data/Application architecture for the project

Properly identified all relevant concerns using business scenari
os as well as developed
different architecture views of the overall Data/Application architecture to support it

Created Activity diagrams for the several use cases in order to show the structure of a
flow of events

Established which elements of th
e current system must be carried forward and which
must be replaced or removed as well as how to introduce brand new elements of the
future system

Fully automated key processes related to the execution of the BTR project created
conditions required for
meeting very tight shipping schedules especially for distant
locations, and for maintaining shipping orders accuracy for an outside vendor, which
helped the project execution within the budget and three days ahead of schedule

Conducted project
data and business analyses, perform data mining in order to
extract data from the third
party shipping warehouse
MicroAge as well as to collaborate
with IBM consulting team during the reconciliation process to ensure that financial
statements accurately re
flect the real picture of the branch assets after the BTR project
is completed

Presented to the Senior Management, team members, trained users and create
documentation for the BTR database solution and conducted the

Lunch & Learn


Oct. 2007

arch 2009

SharePoint Solution Architect / Team Lead,
Scotiabank, IT&S, Toronto


branch Technology refresh

BTR (WIN xP) SharePoint Intranet site

Defined information architecture, designed, built, customized, deployed and
administered BTR Shar
ePoint Intranet Site using best practices, with 110 active users
and 27GB of data as the Project deployment information file data repository
management system developed on MOSS 2007

Designed, built, tested and implemented the POC as a pilot project prio
r starting the
major rollout

SharePoint governance was exercised in order to manage risk, cost and adoption of the
SharePoint Intranet Site in terms of establishing a communications plan, change
management process, branding of the site, infrastructure c
hanges that includes setting
up firewall rules for IBM users, taxonomy, education and training


Worked closely with IBM contact in order to solve the connection problems related to
outside vendors (CAL)

Exposed data from BTR Master Database on the BTR

SharePoint Intranet Site and
automated update of the Excel spreadsheet Dash board and reporting over the SP

Designed and implemented workflows using SharePoint Designer and MS InfoPath to
automate the process related to the uploading rollout re
lated data to the SharePoint
Intranet Site

Presented to the Senior Management, and conducted the

Lunch and Learn

series on
the SharePoint Intranet Site features that greatly enhanced the entire execution of the

Sep. 2003

Oct. 2007

Senior Web/SharePoint Solution Architect,
T&S Finance Application Support, Bank of

SCC, Toronto


WSS File Management System (Project manager)

Architected, designed and was project manager for a tree structured SharePoint 2003
team si
tes for the T&O Finance Operations division and PF&A Shared Services
Department that revolutionized the business process by enabling personnel to work
collaboratively on projects with routing approval while ensuring sensitive data are
protected by utilizin
g different levels of access based on a tree data structure model

Interacted closely with Senior Management to setup development, QA, licensing issues
and to perform the POC as a pilot project before the final production implementation of
the entire pr

SharePoint governance was exercised in order to manage cost and adoption of the
SharePoint portal by ensuring that the branding of the SharePoint site is in place as well
as change management process, cost allocation, education and training as wel
l as

System supports Web Content Management for 30 finance departments with individual

Migrating IIS ASP applications to SharePoint Server and ASP.NET (TEAM LEAD)

Served as the PM and Technical lead (N&S) in migrating several web site
s from N&S
web server /IIS /ASP to MS SharePoint Portal Server environment ensuring that they
retain database
driven web application functionality within a new environment

T&O IDP Central Repository & T&O Signing Limits (Authorization Matrix) Repository

Defined application architecture, designed taxonomy and
built T&O IDP Central Repository using WSS (Windows
SharePoint Services 2.0) as a means to track and share
approved T&S Funds Requests and T&S Technical
Concurrence approvals including supporting
cumentation and analysis as well as exercised
SharePoint governance ensuring that the branding of the
SharePoint site is in place as well as change
management process, cost allocation, sponsorship and
taxonomy views using metadata


Repository solved the

problem of having multiple versions
of the same IDP document in MS Excel by providing the
T&S Finance team with a mechanism to upload, share,
filter and query approved T&S Funds Requests over the
BMO Intranet using one master version on the
SharePoint por

Flash Sheet in .NET (TEAM LEAD)

Performed a complete analysis and feasibility study for re
architecture and
reimplementation of the Flash Sheet Excel based DSS system as well as the Flash
Administration website replacing the PHP proxy with ASP.NET.

This update accelerated
the execution and the MS SQL Server database update

Managed Decision Support System using several Hyperion Essbase cubes to assist
Senior Management


GENESIS Web Tracking System (Project manager/TEAM LEAD)

Performed business and systems analysis, planned, architected, performed data
modeling, created Data Flow Diagrams, Solution Architecture and Logical documents,
activity diagrams and use cases, designed and built n
tier data
driven web
database manag
ement system (ASP.NET) used for tracking the approval process of a
RFA for items greater as well as less than the threshold of 1M as well as the
administration of MS SQL Server database. System allowed for better data integrity over
the existing MS Excel s
olution, security and 24/7 access with user

s authority level
driven dynamically built user interface

Designed and built in search engine with support for sorting, paging, filtering, and two
way data binding, editing, deleting and populating SQL Server
database while providing
reports with export to XLS/PDF.


Web Enabled Client Care Service & Billing Change Management (TEAM LEAD)

Architected and led development of two data
driven web
based trouble
ticket systems
using ASP and MS SQL Server fo
r recording and tracking billing problems and billing
queries and requests for resolution or an explanation about the billing problem that
solved the problem of addressing billing issues on time and ITIL compliant Billing
Change Management system used to m
anage what changes have been made to the
Billing Modules & Systems before issuing a new Client Bill with built
in ASP
based with
master/details structure search engine and authenticated login

Performed business and systems analysis, designed, built a
nd implemented an ASP
web application

Enabled tracking capabilities and routing approval, and an automatic e
mail feature was

Database design included ERD, logical and physical design of the Billing Problem
Management database

Presented to

the Senior Management, billing analysts, and trained users

May 2000

Sep. 2003

Senior Database Application Software Developer,
Billing & Costing Department, Bank of


Web Enabled Forward Billing and Planning System Database (TEAM LEAD)

Architected and served as the PM in the development, deployment and implementation
of a data
driven web
based n
tier ASP application that enabled established clients to

access the FBPS (DB2 on AIX) reporting capabilities via web over the FBPS Report/Fil
Server as well as to feed the DB2 database over the Web on a monthly basis with
secure sign in process with encrypted logic

Presented to the senior management, billing analysts, and trained users

The benefits gained after this n
tier data
driven ASP web application has been deployed
were immense. The business process has been completely changed, significantly
higher accessibility, better performance, DB2 client as well as MS Access front end
have b
een removed from clients computers


BOD_905 View Utility and variance analysis database application

Designed, developed, tested and implemented several stand
alone database
applications using MS Access in order to drill down the BOD (Bank's Or

mainframe) by specified Cost Center; to investigate relationship between
projects numbers, applications and costs associated with the cost centers using 905
table (a DB2 mainframe database) as well as to perform Variance Analysis on

selected sets of client charges to a given cost center with enabled export to an Excel or
Snapshot format with browsing capabilities.

Apr. 1999

May. 2000

Database Application Developer,
Financial control and Invoice Processing, Bank of Montreal


Centralized Voice Service Data Processing

Centrex Billing for 1000+

Defined the architecture, designed, developed, tested and implemented the Voice
Services Bill database application with a complex Voice Services Bill in order to
ralize the Billing system for the N&S Voice Network Services for above the line
charges for more than 1000 branches, reporting and analysis, cost behavior, data
processing and generating the largest General Ledger on a monthly basis using VBA,
Class Module
s, API, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Excel and advanced SQL techniques

Sep. 1998

Jan. 1999

Programmer Analyst,
Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto

Converted main VB3 client/server application CAU to VB6 using Data Report Designer,
TrueDB Grid, Informix
line Dynamic Server, ODBC, DAO, ADO, SQL, OOP
Concepts, ActiveX controls

Oct. 1992

Oct. 1996

Assistant Programmer and Physicist

Faculty of Applied Technology


May 1987

Apr. 1992

Software System Engineer for Application Software Developme

Remote Control Systems

Energoinvest, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

Designed real
time process control software for feedback regulation used for City
Central Heating System and City Water Supply Dispatching System using Pascal and

on PDP
11 and operating system RSX11M

Implemented critical portions of the PC SCADA software system in C


SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, VBScript, VBA, PHP, T
PL/SQL, Pascal,

DB2 UDB on AIX, MS SQL Server
2005/2008 (DTS, SSIS, Reporting Services
and SP), Informix
Online Dynamic Server 7.1, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, IIS,

Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 & 3.0, SharePoint Server 2003/2007/2010,
ODBC/OLEDB, Linux, Apache, Unified Process, TOGAF, SOA, ERP,OOA/OO

Dreamweaver MX/2004/8, MS Visio, MS Project, MS VS 2008/2010, MS Office
2007/2010, Adobe Photoshop, MS Project, MS InfoPath 2007/2010, Internet/Web
architecture, Web Services, MS

SharePoint Designer 2007/2010, phpMyAdmin,
AvePoint DocAve/Migrator, OpenText, Quest Software, Term Store Management
Tool, Snagit, MockFlow


Building Data
Driven SharePoint Applications using SharePoint Designer 2007

Systems Analysis and Design

atabase Systems Design and Data Modeling

Enterprise Web Development with .NET

Project Management

Mastering WEB Application Development Using Visual Inter Dev 6 and ASP

Visual Basic Development for SQL Server 7 / Visual Basic & COM+ for
Enterprise Applications

Advanced Database Concepts Using Oracle 8 and PL/SQL / Oracle Developer