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Asked by
on 2013-05-16T09:30:06-04:00
Google Compute Engine added a new f1-micro instance which is only
$0.019/h but has 600MB RAM. In comparison, B1 backends with 128MB RAM
are $0.08/h currently. So for 4x the price you get 1/5 RAM.
May 16, 2013
Week 20, 2013
May, 2013
Year 2013
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Answer by
Barry Hunter
on 2013-05-16T09:40:49-04:00
Apples vs Oranges.
Answer by
Jeff Schnitzer
on 2013-05-16T12:26:19-04:00
Interesting that the datastore is now available from GCE. I suspect some of
the other services are on their way too. This may eventually become much
more like Gala vs Golden Delicious.

If the GCE
Datastore connection is fast, it makes migrating off of GAE
quite a lot easier.

Answer by
Vinny P
on 2013-05-17T16:19:13-04:00
To add in an anecdotal data point: The Compute Engine's f1-micro instances
are FAST! Soon after Compute Engine went into general availability, I
created and sshed into a f1-micro instance then ran a few tests (apt-get
packages, download some files, etc). I was pleasantly surprised by how fast
and responsive the machine was. It's much better than Amazon AWS' micro
instance, which can only do bursty processing and just feels very anemic.

It might be interesting - if anyone has an app that does a lot of backend
work - to move that work onto a Compute Engine machine, and then open up
additional backends if load spikes.

When I was configuring my Compute Engine machine, I saw options to
integrate into Task Queue and BigQuery. It wouldn't surprise me at all to
see further services opened up such as the Search API.

-Vinny P
Technology Media Advisor
Chicago, IL
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