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CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 1
CliQr CloudCenter
Enterprise Edition
CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 2
Executive Summary
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition enables companies to move, manage,
and secure any type of application from any physical or cloud (private or public)
environment to any private, public, or hybrid cloud, without the need to modify
the application by coding or creating cloud-specific scripts and VM images. With
CloudCenter, the application is on-boarded once, typically in less than a day, and
runs anywhere, optimally and securely. CloudCenter also includes a comprehen
sive runtime management.
CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 3
CliQr CloudCenter consists of two primary components:
CloudCenter Manager
—The CloudCenter Manager is an intuitive dashboard that helps manage every aspect
of migrating, managing, optimizing, and securing applications on one or more clouds. A web-based client, the
CloudCenter Manager is available as a CliQr SaaS application or, on request, can be installed on-premise.
CloudCenter Orchestrator
—The CloudCenter Orchestrator is the core of CloudCenter technology, enabling
different applications to work with different clouds without the need to modify either the cloud or application. The
CloudCenter Orchestrator layer coordinates the rules and behaviors around primitive functions such as compute,
storage, network, and security, so disparate environments can work together optimally without performance
CliQr Application Coverage
CliQr provides a full spectrum of packaged application profiles that intuitively guide an IT end user through
describing the application by using a simple drop-down menu user interface. Once described, these applica
tions can be natively deployed on any CliQr-supported private or public cloud, without altering the application or
creating cloud-specific scripts or VM images. Unlike other image-based approaches, CliQr provides complete
application and data visibility, security, and runtime optimization such as auto-scaling. CloudCenter makes it easy
to move, manage, and secure applications such as big data, big compute apps, web apps, enterprise suites,
and cloud-delivered thick clients.
Cloud application profiles include:
—Applications that are made up of multiple tiers (database, backend cache, message queue, application
cluster, load balancer, front-end cache, etc.) where each tier may be provisioned on a different node or node
cluster. (Examples include Java-based web applications, enterprise applications such as Oracle EBS and SAP
—Applications that require a cluster with a shared storage and a networking protocol such as RSH, SSH,
MPI, etc., set-up across cluster nodes. The application process is launched on a single node and is provided a
list of all cluster nodes. (Examples include MPI-based high-performance computing and Oracle RAC).
—Non-real-time single node applications where multiple independent application jobs are placed in a
queue and serviced by an elastic cluster. The cluster may be elastically auto-scaled based on policies. (Examples
include gene sequencing, batch-processing documents, regressions, simulations, video trans-coding).
—Single node applications where a multiple independent application runs and needs to be launched in
parallel on an elastic cloud cluster. (Examples include gene sequencing and simulations).
Cloud-Delivered Thick Client
—Desktop applications that have a GUI interface. The application can be
launched on a cloud and the application GUI can be accessed from a browser running on any device such a
tablet or a laptop computer. (Examples include design/graphics rendering, modeling UI, and layout editor e.g.,
Multi-Step Workflow
—Combining any of the above profiles into any multi-step workflow to describe simple to
complex applications and application workflows.
CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 4
In addition to core profiles, CliQr provides pre-packaged profiles built from the core profiles for well-known ap
plication types. Some examples of pre-packaged application profiles include:




Ruby on Rails


CliQr Public and Private Cloud Coverage
CliQr’s CloudCenter supports the following cloud environments:
Public Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services

Google Compute Engine

HP Cloud Services

IBM Smart Cloud (SCE)

Microsoft Azure

CliQr CloudCenter Features
CloudCenter Enterprise Edition features include:

Application Life Cycle Management

Policy Management

Storage Management

Governance and Security

License and Billing

Benchmark Management
Application Life Cycle Management
—CliQr enables
businesses and independent software providers to
define, benchmark, deploy, and manage applications,
including switching between clouds with just a click.

—CliQr provides application profiles that allow customers to describe their application footprint
through simple metadata description. The app profile captures the application architecture and describes the
workflow needed to deploy an application onto the cloud such as server configurations, operating system,
hardware requirements, application interdependencies, and any custom scripts.

—CliQr’s benchmarking feature enables applications to be benchmarked—unchanged and
simultaneously—across any cloud provider and/or configuration, size, or instance type. As a critical part of the
deployment process, the CloudCenter benchmarking environment automatically selects the cloud deployment
options based on the application requirements (e.g., memory requirements, database support, etc.). The user
simply clicks on the eligible clouds to be benchmarked. CliQr measures the price, performance, and the price/
Figure 1: Overview of CliQr CloudCenter.
Private Cloud Providers



CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 5
performance index for each cloud environment selected. The results are graphically presented, enabling the
user to make an informed decision about deploying the application on the cloud.

—Once the application is defined using the app profile, the user can provision and publish the
application onto any cloud according to the defined profile. CloudCenter Orchestrator automatically provisions
the application including the underlying infrastructure components, any configurations, and interdependen
cies. In addition, integration with Puppet, Chef, or existing system management scripts are included as part of
advanced features.

—CliQr CloudCenter Orchestrator and CloudCenter Manager intelligently interact with runtime
management policies to scale-up or tear-down, manually or automatically, based on the application’s unique
Policy Management
—CliQr provides user-defined policies enabling condition and threshold-based alerts, and
automates the provisioning and scaling of cloud resources within a cloud and/or bursting to other clouds.

Runtime Management
—CliQr can utilize policies to manually or automatically scale any scalable application to
dynamically spin up more infrastructure resources and add them to the application cluster in order to enhance
performance, or intelligently scale down if extra resources are not needed.

VM Management
—CliQr’s scale-down process further balances price and performance by maintaining “hot
availability” of these discontinued cloud resources after use and up to the limit of the committed billing period,
making new capacity available immediately with no spin-up delay or additional cost.

—The administrator can set auto-scaling policies based on thresholds set in the application
descriptions. CliQr will automatically instantiate new nodes on demand to meet additional capacity needs, as
well as bring down instance when not needed without user intervention.

Application Life Cycle
—Policies include automatically terminating deployments if certain criteria have been
met (such as a time limit), auto-scaling, auto-bursting, kill rogue instances, and so on. With CliQr’s cloud-
bursting capabilities, applications can move from one cloud environment to another based on schedule or
performance-based policies. Cloud-bursting examples include:

Bursting from a private cloud to a public cloud or from a public cloud to another public cloud based on the
need for additional capacity.

Bursting specific scalable tiers of multi-tier applications, such as web apps, to improve performance.

Bursting new instances of applications to new/multiple clouds.

Application or job-specific bursting to place specific application jobs on specific clouds.

Tag, Dev/Test
—Application deployments and clouds can be tagged with keywords so that an application
tagged with a certain keyword will be run only on a cloud with the same keyword. As an example, a policy
can be set so a deployment tagged with “dev” will run only on a “dev” cloud, while a “production” run will be
launched only on a “production” cloud.
Figure 2: Policy management for elastic scaling.
CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 6
Storage Management
— CliQr maintains a
shared storage space per each user on every
cloud that the user has enabled with end-to-end
encryption at block level. Storage management
and use policies can be set, such as auto-
resizing storage or automatically shutting down
storage when not in use to avoid storage runtime
costs. CliQr provides an intuitive user interface to
transfer data from an on-premise location to the
storage provisioned in the cloud. CliQr supports
the following ways to transfer data:

Drag and drop via the web browser to transfer
files less than 1GB in size.

Secured FTP (SFTP) to transfer file and folders.

Optional CliQr-supported storage agents that
allow the desktop client to upload packages.
Governance and Security
—CliQr provides
complete insights into application usage, audit
ing, and policy-driven metering, eliminating the
need for cloud-specific security modifications.

Usage Report
—Provides reports and enforces the application level of usage, aggregated across multiple
clouds and governance around licensing chargeback.
Figure 4: Cloud storage with drag and drop, SFTP capabilities.
Figure 5: Sync data between clouds.
Figure 3: Policy to monitor and provide alerts.
CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 7

—CliQr provides a complete layer of cloud security. Data and applications are visible only to the end
user. End-to-end security includes data encryption in motion and at rest, secure key management, and a
secure private cloud service proxy.

Sync Management
—Set-up scheduled data syncs between on-premise and cloud storage; set-up disaster
recover (DR) for high availability of data.
Licensing and Billing
—CliQr allows companies
to create, manage, and enforce licensing and
support of hybrid pricing models of their CliQr-
deployed cloud applications.

—A variety of subscription plans based
on compute-hours as well as pre-packaged
bundles are available. Customers can upgrade
or downgrade plans based on number of
compute-hours and are billed via credit card or

—Enforces user activity and application-based metering to all plans. Granular level of usage is avail
able for departmental chargeback.
Benchmark Management
—CliQr provides initial, continuous, and/or on-demand price/performance application
benchmarking across various cloud configurations and different cloud providers.

Multi-cloud Benchmark
—Performs benchmark app—web app, big data, big compute app, enterprise suite,
thick client, and many more—against any cloud with one step, without physically migrating the application to
each cloud.

Automatic Scheduling
—Obtains application performance trends across clouds at different times of the day to
monitor the health of the cloud.

Figure 6: Reporting of compute-hour usage by application.
Figure 7: Chargeback based on application usage.
Figure 8: Run and schedule benchmark.
CliQr Technologies
CliQr CloudCenter™ Enterprise Edition - Page 8
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