Network Security Engineering

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Leveraging People, Processes, and Technology
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Network Security Engineering
Fortifying your network against an increasingly hostile online environment
The increasing incidence of viruses, intrusions, and
other attacks on computer systems has focused
attention on the importance of network security.
Your system and system components need to be
protected and a fi rewall is the fi rst line of defense
in a multi-layered security plan. It’s critical to keep
malicious traffi c out or from moving about your
System while allowing valid traffi c to traverse to
intended destinations.
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) watch for attacks
that originate from in or outside the System,
analyze a suspected intrusion once it has taken
place, and signal an alarm. As such, IDS’s are a
necessary addition to your security infrastructure.
Fast and eff ective AntiVirus/AntiMalware scans
protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware
and other malware/virus attacks.
Catapult Technology’s security experts can
assure that your network is fortifi ed against
this increasingly hostile environment. Catapult
Technology’s security professionals analyze the
unique aspects of your network to develop a
comprehensive plan for confi guring your fi rewall(s),
IDS, and AntiVirus/AntiMalware prevention
services. The plan we develop will ensure secure
yet seamless network access for your organization.
How It Works:
Our security experts use a multi-layered approach
to analyze your agency’s IT security posture
and implement appropriate solutions as needed.
Implementation includes a comprehensive plan that
delivers policy and procedures for all layers, such
• Physical access to servers and network devices
• Virus protection at the system level and email
• Monitoring of network traffi c for malicious
Security & Information Assurance Capability
• Security training for system administrators, web
developers, and end users
• Vulnerability assessments
• Encryption
• Operating System lockdown
• STIG’s and Security Patches
• Firewalls, Network, and Host IDS/IPS
• Security information management systems
• Monitoring and log auditing at the system and
application level
• Identifying possible incidents, logging
information about them, attempting to
stop them, and reporting them to security
• Using IDS’s in support of identifying
weaknesses with security policy
• Documenting existing threats and
vulnerabilities in order to deter individuals from
violating implemented security policies
• Self auditing to ensure compliance
• Ensure compliance with federal mandates and
Firewall Administration Services:
• Increase security to prevent threats from
getting into the network
• Ensure that fi rewall rules are documented and
justifi ed
• Protect internal systems from hackers and
malicious attacks
03/01/13 QP1560-10
Intrusion Detection Services:
• Examine network communications
• Identify heuristics and patterns (often known as
signatures) of common computer attacks
• Take action in response to alerts
• Identify possible incidents, review logged
information about them, and respond to reported
intrusion attempts
• Utilize IDS’s for identifying ineff ective
implementation of security policies, and
documenting vulnerabilities
AntiVirus & AntiMalware Services:
• Prevent, detect and remove viruses/malware
• Employee signature-based and heuristics detection
• Training for inexperienced users to help them
understand the prompts and decisions with which
antivirus software presents them