Virtual Business Management


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Virtual Business Management

Lesson 5

& Efficiency


Students will rearrange their warehouse floor
to shorten critical routes for pickers and
ensure enough shelf space for high volume

What is Productivity?

Productivity refers to the amount of work that
is accomplished in a unit of time.

A product report will show which products
are in highest demand, what inventory
purchases have been made, and the cost of
products that are being sold.

What is Shelf Space?

Shelf space is the amount of space that you
have on which to place your goods.

If all customers are ordering milk and only a
few are ordering shampoo, it will be much
easier for employees picking items if milk is
placed close to the conveyor and shampoo is
placed to the back.

What is a Conveyor Belt?

A conveyor belt is a mechanical device that
transports packages or bulk materials from
place to place.


Medium and slow selling
products should be placed, near the
conveyor belt or further away from the
conveyor belt?

Conveyor Belt

What is a Seasonal Product?

A seasonal product is dependent on a
particular season (spring, summer, autumn,
and winter).


Which of the following is a
seasonal product?

Paper Towels, Milk, Shampoo, Bread,

Wiper Fluid, Cereal.

What does it mean to Allocate?

Allocate is to distribute something or assign
something for a particular purpose.

A hot selling item should receive more than
one rack in the warehouse.


At all times, at least one rack
should be allocated to each product in a
distribution business.

Allocate Question


A warehouse sells 100 units of
shampoo per week, 400 units of milk and
200 units of bread. It wants to allocate 14
shelves to these products proportionately to
sales. How many shelves go to milk?

*50 units per shelf*

n/50= ?

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of how physical
design can improve productivity.

One or more good layouts are possible to
guarantee success in a warehouse.

Better floor layout leads to improved


Can arrangement of products in a
warehouse affect employee safety?

Floor Layout