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VCE Business
Management 3

Unit 4 Human Resource

The Human Resource
Management Function

Management of people within the
employee relationship

Purpose is to achieve organizational
strategic business objectives while
satisfying employee individual needs

Historical Perspective

Until the mid 1970’s, HR was seen as administrative.

Looked after records, payroll, leave

Line managers and supervisors generally did recruiting,
selecting, training

From the mid 1990’s, moved to a more professional

Increased emphasis on strategy

Senior management representation

Contemporary view

HR has equal status to other functional areas of business
(I.e. finance, marketing)

HR ahs equal status to operational areas

A greater role in recruiting, selecting, training,
compensation, motivation and appraisal

Role of HR Manager

Interpret business strategy to HR needs

Develop HR strategies

Create policies which link to corporate strategic planning

Involved in long term planning

Management of employment cycle

New strategies and innovation in performance appraisal, skill
development, remuneration

Advocate for employees with management

Strategies to motivate, increase job satisfaction, productivity

Act as a change agent

Support and educate line managers

HR Function

Often referred to as Staff Managers

Don’t decide on work to be done day to day. Act
as advisers and support network

Needs to consider internal and external
environment influences

Need to set objectives which fit the overall
business objectives and strategy

Note diagram on p. 190

Do 11.2 using three HR Ads handed out so


Measuring HRM Effectiveness

“Cannot manage what you do not measure”


Turnover, loyalty


Skills, knowledge, abilities

Cost Effective

Absenteeism, health and safety, productivity


Agreement between different stakeholders I.e.

Measuring HRM Effectiveness


Ready for change


Profitability, productivity

Job Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

Employee Motivation

Do 11.4