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The Complete
Writer’s Guide to

Business Management

Saint Louis University


Tips for Business Writing in General

Case Study Analysis

In Class Essays

Business Law

level Management

Long Term Paper


Works Cited

Tips for Business Writing

Cut to the chase.

Write to your audience in a positive tone.

Use the active voice.

Write in third person for formal reports.

Be clear, concise, and readable.

Keep your ideas to one per paragraph.

Always be mindful of your audience.

(Huseman, Lahiff, and Penrose 301)

Case Study Analysis

Stay Calm!

Avoid summarizing the case.

The material given to you is sufficient unless your
professor recommends outside sources.

Look for the major issues within the case.

Answer the case prompts.

There might be more than one possible solution.


In Class Essays

Good Reference Website:

Follow prompt

Answer it thoroughly and clearly.

Budget your time! (make your point and move on)

("Writing Center")

Business Law

(essay question test)

Usually have essay question tests.

Essay question tests based on analyzing a case from a
legal perspective.

The more knowledge presented the better.

“Play with the law”

explain how this case would be
different under other circumstances.


Business Law

(Research Paper)

At SLU, one long research paper is due at the end of the

Prompt involves finding a current (within 6 months from
present date) periodical and researching the periodical from
a legal perspective.

The periodical will be the primary source and secondary
sources will be anything used to enhance understanding of
the periodical.?

For the primary source the date should be recent, for
secondary sources the date doesn’t matter as much.

For secondary sources, the medium can be more varied.

Excerpt from Business Law Paper

level Management

Professor gives specific information about format and

Grammar and spelling are VERY important.

A variety of sources is encouraged (Census Bureau is
recommended for collecting data)

Outlines are highly recommended.


level Management

Final Project

Group case study of a specific company

Effective use of white space is important (for example,
try to fill a whole page or space the text evenly across
two rather than have stray lines on a single page)

The project should read and flow like a book.

Appendixes are strongly encouraged.

Usually about 15 pages including background
information, mission statement, CEO information,
financial information, etc.


Management Peer Grading Rubric

Long Term Paper

Typically assigned in upper level management courses.

Sources can be varied
need at least some current

Given a problem and asked to pose a researched
solution or alternatives.

Typically APA style

At least 10 pages usually



MLA citation for books:

Author. Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year.

APA citation for books:

Author. Year. Title. City of Publication: Publishing

For citing other sources, check out this website:

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