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HEAT Cloud Social Business Management improves communications
in and amongst service desk team members, as well as between the
service desk and the customers. By incorporating socially enabled
features with service management capabilities, clients can provide a
more fluid and cost effective service delivery process.
Connect with Experts – With the emergence of social media, and
the ever important social capabilitiess which enable customers and
teams to stay informed and communicate with each other, it is vital
that these socially based concepts and practices be adopted within
the service management solution. By interconnecting social business
management and service management functions everyone can stay
up to date in terms of knowledge, alerts, notifications and many other
forms of communications. Social IT makes it easier to connect with
the person best adept at helping individuals solve problems.
Lower Cost Service Option – In a similar way that self-service
lowers the overall cost of service delivery, so does social business
management. Offering the ability for customers to service themselves
with real-time knowledge captured and exposed in social IT, or the
facility for service desk team members to actively communicate with
each other, the cost of service delivery can dramatically be lowered.
Unwanted phone calls, delays in service delivery, and problems
caused by lack of knowledge will be reduced with the adoption of
social business management concepts.
Faster Collaboration with Improved Productivity – Since the help desk
now has a centralized location for agent to agent or agent to customer
communications; it’s easy for everyone to be kept up to date with
the latest service delivery knowledge. This information and access
will improve collaboration with the service desk as well as enable a
more productive environment since data will flow consistently and
correctly for teams or customers. Social enabled service management
truly provides a way to service the business as one, unified team so
everyone can get answers faster and with greater accuracy.
Support Change – Since social business management concepts are
built on the configurable HEAT Cloud Service Management platform,
the ability to change and alter new or existing social business
concepts is made easier. The platform enables clients to configure,
HEAT Cloud – Social Business Management
extend, and automate social interactions making it easy for any
customer to adapt new social ideas as they come to market and
change social relationships over time as business needs change. The
solution can be configured to publish and receive real-time business
notifications across any business object. Social data can be extended
to meet service management processes, and knowledge can be
transferred as business needs change.
Social Automation – Process efficiencies can be established
within social business management. Social functionality is created
specifically to interact with HEAT Cloud Service Management
concepts such as Custom Objects, Quick Actions and Business
Workflows so any service delivery process requiring social interactions
will be supported. Social integration enables the service desk to
automatically inform other team members or customers of knowledge,
alerts, status updates and other forms of information. This helps
eliminate manual processes sometimes found in the service delivery
process, thus making the overall process conform to standards and
procedures for better auditing and governance.
Improve Service Management Readiness with Social
Business Management
HEAT Cloud Social Business Management is an extension to any
service management business and is designed to enhance the level of
customer satisfaction while saving costs for any service desk. Social
enabled service management provides additional means of supporting
the business. Social IT based functionality provides the business
a centralized, online space where customers can quickly access
social information with an intuitive interface to initiate service desk
engagements. In addition, agents and managers are provided a single
solution to interactively discuss service management information
amongst them. Social Business Management gives users a social
media-like experience which provides easy access to service delivery
information, knowledge, posts, alerts, chat items and other forms
of social collaboration. The comprehensive solution contains these
Social Board – The solution provides a central location for agents or
customers to post, receive and comment on messages. The solution
allows agents to post a message on the social board from a business
object with a single click and alert the members of the service desk
regarding an update for that service delivery process. The Social
Board feature of HEAT Cloud provides a single source of truth for
interactions across the organization.
Self Service Socially Enabled Access – Any good self service
application requires an easy to learn and utilize solution, and with
the emergence of social relationships, self service needs to have the
ability to easily enable interactions amongst the service management
world. HEAT Cloud adopts these concepts within the self service
portal. Customers are able to quickly access the solution, find the
social information they are looking for, review questions and posts, or
submit new comments when required.
Centralized Social Posts, Broadcasts, Alerts & Communications – The
solution enables both the service desk teams and the customers
to publish, review and retrieve information from a central location.
Since all social related information is stored in one area, customers
or service teams have one place for all types of communications.
This helps promote consistency and clarity in and amongst teams
or customers. Posts, messages and comments are presented and
exposed in an easy to access central location so users have up-
to-date information at their fingertips to solve their own issues,
eliminating many service tickets, and reducing email and telephone
traffic for the service desk.
Integrated Knowledge Management – People are looking for
information, and often prefer to find it in a searchable knowledge
base. Social Business Management provides a location for the
business to access previously submitted posts and messages so
they can quickly find information. A search box is readily available
via Social Board which enables the user to find content in real-
time. When a team member finds the social conversation useful,
they have the ability to easily create a knowledge article capturing
all the pertinent information previously stored in the social
board conversation. A link to the new knowledge article will be
automatically posted to the conversation so other team members can
quickly access the information.
Integrated Incident Management Processes – Rather than initiating
a service incident with a phone call, which often involves waiting
on hold, social IT features allow users to go online to start a new
conversation. When a service agent needs to create a new incident
based on this social feed, they can easily do so directly from the
social board. With the click of a button the agent can turn the social
conversation into a new incident and all the information previously
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stored in the communication trail will be amended to the incident.
In addition, in a similar fashion in which knowledge articles created
from a social post are linked into the conversation, so to will
incidents created from a social post.
Publish Release and Change Request Information – Change and
Release information can be posted and exposed in the solution.
Now, with socially enabled service management the customers or
employees can receive change or release information so they can stay
informed of the service delivery process. Customers are kept up to
date and receive last minute information so they can be notified and
alerted of service delivery progress or changes in the delivery process.
Customers can also choose to post social information across any
standard business object such as Service Request, Configuration or
Tasks, in addition to having the ability to socially enable information
about custom business objects and processes. This information
improves customer knowledge so no unwarranted requests are
handled by the service teams.