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OIl Production and

Inquiry Paper


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"While some of the increase in gas prices comes
from growing demand, the demand pressures on
price can and should be offset by increasing
domestic supplies. Yet the Obama administration's
ideological refusal to expand American energy
production conti
nues to block the development of
resources which could lower prices dramatically...

Most Americans have no idea that the United States
is sitting on enough technically recoverable oil to
power us at current rates of consumption for over
250 years. We are e
stimated to have 1.4 trillion
barrels of oil

or 1.7 trillion, adding in the
resources of Canada and Mexico...

Without opening up more areas to drilling, we have
no way of knowing how many more Bakken
discoveries are waiting for us... Increasing oil
upplies will lower fuel prices significantly. And the
biggest thing standing in the way is government


"Regardless of what happens in the Middle East, the
price of oil is set to go much higher, not becaus
e we
are running out of the stuff, but because we are not
looking hard enough for new sources or exploiting
the sources we have...

Unless we start drilling immediately, in a few years
we will look back at $100
barrel oil as a fond
memory. Surging demand
in emerging nations, a
ravenous China, and the needs of hopefully growing
U.S. and European economies will soon outstrip
supplies. Once that happens for a prolonged period,
the price of oil will not stop south of $200...

We have plenty of energy here at ho
me, and we can
produce it responsibly…”


"The simple truth is that we cannot drill our way to
energy independence or lower gas prices. The US
uses roughly 25% of the world's oil, 7.5bn barrels
per year, but we have only 2
3% of the world's

petroleum reserves. Offshore drilling today
provides roughly 1% of the oil we use in the United

If we take bold action in energy efficiency, public
transportation, advanced vehicle technologies, solar,
wind, biomass, and geothermal, we can trans
our energy system, clean up our environment, and
create millions of new jobs in the process. This
direction, and not more offshore drilling, is where
we have got to go."


“The fact is that the Nation simply can
not drill its
way to lower prices at the pump. Other options,
from greater energy efficiencies to the development
of alternative fuels, are essential to reducing
dependency on petroleum fuels and lowering fuel

Since the 1990s, the federal government

consistently encouraged the development of its oil
and gas resources and the amount of drilling on
federal lands has steadily increased during this time.
The number of drilling permits has exploded in
recent years, going from 3,802 five years ago to
,561 in 2007.

Between 1999 and 2007, the number of drilling
permits issued for development of public lands
increased by more than 361%, yet gasoline prices
have also risen dramatically contradicting the
argument that more drilling means lower gasoline
es. There is simply no correlation between the

OIl Production and

Inquiry Paper


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Respond to the above statements

1) Your response should reflect your beliefs on the
issue of oil drilling and production in the USA.

2) Analyze the remarks and facts stated in the
responses from th
e pros and cons.

3) Are there conflicting statements made by the two
sides and who do you believe and why.

4) I am looking for at least a page of response.

5) Be complete. Use facts as listed in the articles.

6) Issues to respond to:

Is drilling going to

reduce prices in the US?

Does the US have sufficient reserves in the
ground to make us independent?

How do you feel about drilling on US soil or
drilling off

Will we actually create millions of jobs if
we drill for oil?

If we found enough oil in

the ground to
make the US independent would US oil
companies reduce the price of gas at the