A6 - General Biomechanics

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General Biomechanics

Sunday 28

Session Organised by : Peter Aerts (University of Antwerp)

Chair: P. Aerts

09:00 Dr. Robbie S Wilson (The University of Queensland)

What makes a great footballer? Trade
offs between athleticism and skill in h
performance [A6.1]

09:20 Prof. Duncan J Irschick (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Functional and behavioral limits on human hammering performance [A6.2]

09:40 Dr. Roland Ennos (University of Manchester)

How the snipe makes its drumming sound


10:00 Miss Charlotte E Miller (Royal Veterinary College)

Spring or strut? Biomechanical specialisations in elephant limbs [A6.4]

10:20 Coffee

10:40 Prof. Adrià Casinos (University of Barcelona)

Geometry and parallelism in the long bones of roden
ts and ungulates [A6.5]

11:00 Dr. Michael Doube (Imperial College London)

Allometric scaling of trabecular bone [A6.6]

11:20 Mr. Mark C Van Turnhout (Experimental Zoology Group Wageningen University)

Post natal development of articular cartilage mechanic
s [A6.7]

11:40 Prof. Thomas Speck (University of Freiburg Competence Networks BIOKON and

Arborescent monocots as role models for biomimetic fibre
reinforced composites with
gradient structure [A6.8]

12:00 Dr. Tom Masselter (University of Fre

Branching in nature and technics: Plants as role models for bio
inspired branched fibre
reinforced composites [A6.9]

12:20 Dr. Tobias Seidl (European Space Agency)

Passive oscillation damping in plant stems [A6.10]

(oral presentation withdrawn


presented as poster).

12:40 Lunch

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Chair: S. Van Wassenbergh

13:30 Dr. Susannah K Thorpe (University of Birmingham)

The impact of branch flexibility on orangutan locomotion [A6.11]

13:50 Miss Fana Michilsens (University of Antwerp)

Brachiation kin
ematics: the effects of support variation [A6.12]

14:10 Dr. Huiling Tan (Royal Veterinary College)

Turning performance of horses [A6.13]

14:30 Dr. Carlos Moreno (Harvard University)

The roll plane: body lean angle and ground reaction forces in turning go
ats [A6.14]

14:50 Miss Pauline Addis (Newcastle University)

Development of equine locomotion with age is linked to tendon stiffness [A6.15]

15:10 Coffee

15:40 Miss Heather Paxton (Royal Veterinary College)

Chickens on the cheap: Broiler chicken walking
mechanics [A6.16]

16:00 Mr. Joakim Genin (Université Catholique de Louvain)

External, internal and total work during locomotion in Asian elephants [A6.17]

16:20 Miss Penny E Hudson (Royal Veterinary College)

High speed locomotion: insights from cheetahs
and racing greyhounds [A6.18]

16:40 Mr. Mark V Bowtell (Royal Veterinary College)

Increased whole body inertia decreases maximum attainable running speed in humans

17:00 Mr. Lars Reinhardt (Friedrich
University Jena Institute of Sportsci

Measurement of ground reaction forces in wood ants during straight locomotion on a
level surface [A6.20]

17:20 End of session (day 1)

Monday 29

Session organised by: Peter Aerts (University of Antwerp)

Chair: J. Barnes

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30 Mrs. Yvonne Blum (Locomotion Laboratory University of Jena)

Leg parameter adaptation for stable running [A6.21]

10:50 Mr. Martin Groß (Locomotion Lab FSU

leg strategies for stable dog trotting [A6.22]

11:10 Mrs. Susanne W Lipfert (Lauflabo
r Locomotion Laboratory University of Jena

Kinematic variability for dynamic stability in human gait [A6.23]

11:30 Mr. Toshiyuki Nakata (Chiba University Japan)

Aerodynamic performance of flapping flexible wing in insect Flight [A6.24]

11:50 Dr.

Hiroto Tanaka (The University of Tokyo)

Passive unsteady aerodynamic force of a swallowtail butterfly [A6.25]

12:10 Dr. Masaki Fuchiwaki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Vortex flow visualization of a flapping butterfly wing performing a fixed flight [A6

12:30 Lunch

Chair: S. Thorpe

13:30 Miss Rhea Von Busse (Bielefeld University)

Bat flight

Comparison of kinematics and aerodynamics between two nectar feeding
species [A6.27]

13:50 Dr. Melissa S Bowlin (Lund University)

Aerodynamic costs of flyin
g with holey wings [A6.28]

14:10 Dr. Anna C Carruthers (Oxford University)

Aerofoil sections from a Steppe eagle
Aquila nipalensis

in free flight: wind tunnel and
computational testing [A6.29]

14:30 Dr. Bret W Tobalske (University of Montana)

Effects of
flight speed upon muscle activity and metabolic rate in hummingbirds [A6.30]

14:50 Miss Angela M Berg (Harvard University)

Mechanisms of takeoff and landing flight in columbids [A6.31]

15:10 Coffee

15:40 Dr. Christofer J Clemente (Cambridge University)

Evidence for self
cleaning in fluid
based smooth and hairy adhesive systems of insects

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ied to the office may not be updated immediately

16:00 Dr. W. Jon. P. Barnes (Glasgow University)

Structural correlates of adhesion and friction in tree frog toe pads [A6.33]

16:20 Dr. Anne M Peattie (Univ. o
f Cambridge)

Attachment forces of single tarantula adhesive setae [A6.34]

16:40 Dr. Roland Ennos (University of Manchester)

The frictional properties of human finger pads [A6.35]

17:00 End of session (day 2)

Tuesday 30


Chair: R. Ennos

Chair: R.


08:20 Dr. Emma F Hodson
Tole (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Patterns of motor unit recruitment in feline ankle extensor muscles during different
motor tasks [A6.36]

08:40 Dr. Rob S James (Coventry University)

Mechanisms underlying the sprint
endurance trade
off in rat lateral gastrocnemius
muscle mechanics [A6.37]

09:00 Mr. Tom Weihmann (Friedrich
University Jena)

Muscle properties of the tibia
metatarsus joint flexors in the labidognath spider
Cupiennius salei


09:20 Mr. Da
niel Reid (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

Modelling hydrodynamics and swimming efficiency of fish [A6.39]

09:40 Mr. Jonathan Voise (IRBI CNRS UMR 6035)

Managing fluid and wave resistances by whirligig beetles swimming on water surface

10:00 Coffee

10:20 Dr. Jonathan Cox (Bath University)

dimenisonal structure and hydrodynamics of the nasal passageway of a hagfish

10:40 Dr. Sam Van Wassenbergh (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Pivot feeding performance in pipefish and seahorses analysed by for
ward dynamic
modelling [A6.42]

Please note that author changes notif
ied to the office may not be updated immediately

11:00 Mr. Egon Heiss (University of Vienna)

Feeding performance in two chelonian frontier
Manouria emys

Sternotherus odoratus


11:20 Prof. Bruce Young (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Vertical postur
ing, defensive strikes, and leaping in African elapid snakes [A6.44]

11:40 Mr. Kyle Roskilly (The Royal Veterinary College)

INS integration: A valuable tool for measurement of kinematics in the field [A6.45]

12:00 Dr. Yoshinobu Inada (Japan Aerospace

Exploration Agency (JAXA))

Dynamical aspects of relationship between group
shape and mutual interaction in a
collective motion of organisms [A6.46]

12:20 Dr. Andrew J Spence (Royal Veterinary College)

Speed, strategy, drag and drafting in Thoroughbred ho
rse racing [A6.47]

12:40 Lunch/end of session (day 3)

Wednesday 1


Chair: A. Spence

08:20 Miss Heather L More (Simon Fraser University)

Scaling of sensorimotor control in terrestrial mammals [A6.48]

08:40 Dr. Thomas J Roberts (Brown University)

Tendons as power attenuators [A6.49]

09:00 Dr. Emanuel Azizi (Brown University)

Biaxial strain and variable stiffness in aponeuroses [A6.50]

09:20 Dr. Gregory S Sawicki (Brown University)

Mechanical power amplification in a compliant muscle
tendon worki
ng on an inertial
load in gravity [A6.51]

09:40 Mr. Henry C Astley (Brown University)

Decoupling of muscle shortening and joint kinematics during frog jumping [A6.52]

10:00 Coffee/end of session (day 4)