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NIA Research and training

relevant to health services

John Haaga

Deputy Director

Division of Behavioral and Social Research

National Institute on Aging

June 9, 2008

Academy Health, Washington DC

Major themes of NIA/BSR research

Health Disparities

Aging Minds

Increasing Health Expectancy

Health, Work, and Retirement

Interventions and Behavior Change

Genetics, Behavior, and the Social Environment

The Burden of Illness & the Efficiency of Health

NIA niche in

Health Services Research?

how older people and their families deal with
multiple services, often for multiple conditions

term care system, including financing;

level and regional differences in health
expenditures, services, and outcomes for older

U.S. and comparative cross
national studies

Illustrative current research grants…

Program projects

Vincent Mor “Shaping long
term care in America”

Jonathan Skinner “Causes and consequences of health
care efficiency”

Center grants

Dana Goldman “Roybal Center for Health Policy

Illustrative current research grants (cont.)

R01 research grants

Jalpa Doshi “Life cycle effects of health insurance on
elderly health”

Amy Finkelstein “Market failure, public policy, and
term care insurance”

Terri Fried “Treatment goals at end of life”


“Integrated models of health and

John Hsu “Cost
sharing ramifications and prescription
drug benefits in Medicare”

Fred Wolinsky “Health and health service use in the

Illustrative current research grants (cont.)

R03, R21 small; exploratory research grants

Mary Carter “Spatial analysis of nursing home
deficiency citations”

David Meltzer “Effects of hospitalists in Medicare


“Evaluating drug benefit policy
changes in the elderly”

Jennifer Wolff “In
home caregiving and use of medical

Fellowships &

career development awards

F31 Adaeze Akamigbo “Health services and
outcomes in elderly black women”

K01 David Grabowski “Disparities in nursing home
care by race and payer status”

K08 Amber Barnato “Hospital
level variation in
treatment intensity”

K23 Julie Bynum “Improving the quality of health
systems for the very old”

033 (K01) Promoting Careers in Aging and
Health Disparities Research

Selected Training Grants

Charles Boult, Johns Hopkins

Gerontological health services research

Eileen Crimmins, USC

Multidisciplinary research training in gerontology

James Goodwin, U
Texas Medical Branch

Health of older minorities

David Meltzer, Chicago

MD/PhD program in medicine, social sciences, & aging

Vincent Mor, Brown

Aging, health and health services research

, U
Illinois at Chicago

Gerontological public health

David Wise, NBER

Economics of aging

Julie Zissimopoulos, RAND

Postdoctoral training in the study of aging

Major investments in data infrastructure

Health and Retirement Study

National Long
Term Care Survey (to be succeeded by
National Study of Disability Trends and Dynamics)

Panel Study of Income Dynamics

National Study of Social Life, Health and Aging

American Life Panel (Internet)

National Longitudinal Mortality Study

Longitudinal Employment and Household Dynamics

Numerous longitudinal data sets

Linkages to Medicare claims and sometimes Social Security
earnings records, under various agreements

For more information, please contact…

John Haaga (Health Services)

John Phillips (Health Economics)

Sid Stahl (Behavioral Medicine)

Lisbeth Nielsen (End

For more clinical projects…

Winnie Rossi, Deputy Director,

NIA Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology