The River Mersey


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The River Mersey

The River Mersey is located in England, starting in
Stockport and flowing into the Irish Sea in Liverpool.

River Mersey in Didsbury.


Each river will meander at one point this is because there
might be a bit of land it can not cut through so it will take a
turn in and out, gradually

more rock and other
materials on the outside of the turn and

inside making it bigger.



When the water is eroding
the outside bank, it is also
dropping materials that it
has picked up on its way
down stream on the inside
bank. This means that each
side will be going up,
creating a larger meander.
Eventually it gets so large it
becomes some called and
bow lake

Erosion happens when a river
meanders. As the river would
be flowing straight into the
outside of the turn, gradually
picking up dirt and widening
the turn.

bow lake

An ox
bow lake is created when a meander gets as big as it will. The river
erodes it’s banks until it meets itself. The river then has a straight line to flow
through, also leaving a horse shoe shape above it.

Pictures of the Mersey!