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RFID Technology

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. This technology allows transmission of data
between a transponder and a reader on a contactless base.

The RFID Reader is a transmitting and receiving unit that generates the required electromagnetic

This will be received by the transponder and as a result, the microchip contained in the
transponder will be activated and able to receive commands from the reader through its antenna
as well as transmit the ID number and other information stored on the chip.

RFID Technology

RFID systems work at different frequency ranges:

LF (Low Frequency): typical 125kHz .

HF (High Frequency): typical 13.56MHz

UHF (Ultra High Frequency): typical 868/915 MHz

Microwave: typical 2.4GHz

Neosid has decided to start activities with Transponders in the frequency of 13.56MHz fulfilling the

ISO 15963and ISO 18000 standard. The dimensions of the transponder inlay are 2,6xx2,6x 2,4 mm

Picture of
, Plug


RFID Technology

Another HF TAG standard is MIFARE (NXP) Card Standard ISO 14443.


cards are used for identification access control (i.e., staff badges) and time recording, or as

electronic pay cards in lunchrooms or electronic tickets for trains and buses…

This standard is also called NFC (Near Filed Communication). Neosid is working on a design for
NeoTAG with NFC standard. Results will be introduced on website

LF transponders are customized solutions and packaging is different than standard

Photos of LF transponder:

RFID Technology

Following components are required for a RFID system:

. Containing ID number and offering memory for writing information.


Antenna: Generating magnetic filed and transmitting data and energy to Transponder.
Receiving data from Transponder.

Reader: Driving the Reader antenna. Generating the data signal and analyzing the data received
from Transponder.

Middleware: Needed for integrating the data supplied by Reader into the IT Backend System.

IT Backend System. Administration software used by end customer.

RFID Technology

Support for the design of Reader and Antenna for the Neosid agencies can be offered by KTS or by a
domestic partner as defined by Neosid representative.

KTS is located in Monchengladbach, Germany and contact person is Mr. Timo Sonntag

Manager. Contact details are shown here:

Support for the design of Reader and Antenna for the Neosid agencies can be offered by KTS or by a
domestic partner which has to be defined by Neosid representative or customer.

Pictures of a USB Reader + Antenna and a Midrange Reader :


RFID Technology

Compared to barcode labeling, RFID has the following advantages:

Contactless reading is possible. No visual sight between reader and transponder is required.

Multi reading and writing is possible. Updated data can be stored on the transponder during each
reading and writing process.

Robustness against environmental influences like dust and humidity.


reading is allowing the detection of several transponders at one time.

Application for RFID Technology

Due to the unique ID number contained in the Transponder, each

can be

identified with 100% security. Subsequently, RFID offers a wide range

of applications, like:

Goods re

tracking. The supply chain can be tracked, identified and located. No interruption within
the chain is given.

Container management. Each container can be filled and tracked by the unique ID number.

Miniaturised Tag in metal body

Application for RFID Technology

Theft and plagiarism protection.

Inventory / Rental management.


Tag in


Application for RFID Technology

Quality assurance and quality control in production processes.

Animal registration.

Exhibition & Network

Shows and Events:

Neosid is participating in the

exhibition. Next show is in April 2013, located in Berlin. Further

information will be available on our website, soon.

RFID Networks:


is member of the AIM
D trade association

representing automatic identification and mobility

technology solution providers
located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria .

The global association is shown here:

NeoTAG Benefits

The size and performance of the

are the significant highlights. One of the smallest
available Transponders for RF with ferrite core.

Reading distance out of metal at the Transponder size of only 2,6x2,6x2,4 mm. Offers best
performance out of metal reading.

Plug with press

fit case for quick and easy assembly

Offering wide range of application possibilities due to very small size and performance.

Write and Read chip.

Fully automated production located in Halver, Germany.

Fulfills high quality standard. High reliability in temperature cycle tests and under mechanical
stress. Up to 275
C/ 15 minutes. Autoklav compatibility test are ongoing.

Customized solutions available with modification of ferrite core and production line.

RFID Glossary

Here you will find the RFID glossary. For questions or comments, please contact your Neosid sales team!

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