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Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology


BHRC: bioinformatics technology

David R. Westhead (FBS)*, Andrew J. Bulpitt

Molecular biomedicine is becoming increasingly data rich

DNA microarrays

measure expression of >25000 genes in one
experiment and databases contain 1000s of experiments

New generation sequencing

My group is now dealing with experiments that produce almost a
human genome of sequence in one run (3 Giga bases)

New proteomic methods e.g. SILAC

Molecular biology groups generate this data but seldom have the
computer skills to handle it or the statistical skills to analyse it

The technology group will provide this service

Raison d’être

We are used to being flexible and dealing with new data types

DRW group expertise

Microarray data

throughput sequencing

particularly Chip
seq, RNA seq and
genomic sequence

Protein structure and interactions

AJB group expertise

Image analysis

But we will aim to be able to support other needs as well

What sort of data?

Here is a more extensive list of what the group could do

Genome sequence analysis

Gene expression analysis using sequencing and array methods

ChIP on chip and ChIP

Sequence motif discovery

Copy number analysis


comparative and ab initio techniques

Gene network analysis

Point mutations and SNPs

Comparative genome studies

Genome wide association studies

Protein structure prediction

Analysis of protein microarrays

High throughput mass spectrometry data

Protein docking

Protein Interaction

Simulation of cellular subsystems to analyze pathways and regulatory/signalling networks

Tools for automated literature searches

What sort of data/methods ?

We will provide

Expert advice on experimental design and data analysis

Expert advice and support for the development of grant application

Investigator or researcher input into external grant activity

Education on bioinformatics tools and methods


We will provide

Support and provide expertise in using existing tools and software

Expertise in scripting languages to develop analysis pipelines

Expertise in high volume data analysis and statistics, including novel
methods and bespoke analyses

Developing new interfaces for existing tools

Development of databases to store and host data

WWW developments

Technical support

How will funding work

BHRC funds 2 posts for 5 years

You will be able to apply for access to this resource

Level of demand is not clear at the moment

Longer term we aim to make the group self funding from grant

You will include costs on your grant

Different levels of cost depending on the project and how much
support is needed

Funding and access to the group