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Design features



Thermal insulation



comfortable access for all

Access to letter box

Access for some one on crutches 950mm

Access for guide dog user 1100mm

Flush door

Matchboarded door

Flush doors



Door Threshold


access for everybody

Level Entrance

Ramp to level entrance maximum slope. 1:20

Drainage channel fitted beside threshold to
assist rapid removal of rain water

Reinforced concrete threshold

slope 15
degree max.

Damp proof tray behind R.C. threshold

threshold max. 15mm. high

Reference; “Building for Everyone, Inclusion
Access and Use: National Disability Authority

Head Detail

Threshold Seal

Door frame seal

2006 Higher level

Q1 (compulsory question)

The main entrance to a dwelling house, provides access for a person in a
wheelchair. The door opening is located in a 350mm external block wall with
an insulated cavity and the door is a solid wooden door. The house has a
solid concrete ground floor with a 20mm quarry tile finish.

(a) To a scale of 1:5, draw a vertical section through the external wall
and door, showing clearly the threshold and the door. The section
should show all the constructional details from the bottom of the
foundation to 300mm above finished floor level.

(b) Indicate on the drawing the specific design detailing that ensures that
rainwater is removed from the threshold area and does not penetrate to the
inner surfaces surrounding the door.

Door Threshold

2011 Higher level

Q1 (Compulsory Question)

Hanging a door

Firstly the door frame
is installed into the
door ope.

The frame is fixed to
the blockwork with
“frame fixers”

A door frame consists
of two side jambs and
a head.

Hanging a door

A door should be
3mm smaller than the
ope. This is to allow
for shrinking and
swelling of the door.

Once the door is
swinging freely, locks
and handles are fitted

And architrave is added
to the frame

Fire doors

Fired doors are generally installed in
public buildings and when access to house
is possible from a garage.

Fire doors are classed due to the length of
time they provide protection.

FD30 has a 30minute protection

Fire doors are made from compressed
mineral wool, plasterboard & particle


Accessibility also

takes in to


all uses of the door