Role of Open Source GIS product (MapWindow 4.7) in creating a geo-spatial business data analysis tool using map-initiated querying and data-mining.

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Role of Open Source GIS product (MapWindow 4.7) in creating a geo
spatial business data analysis
tool using map

querying and

Dinesh Grover, Daniel P Ames

A number of analysis tools have been developed to address the complexity and
enormity of the business
data emanating out of day
day operations of modern
day corporations. Depending upon their depth
of carrying out analysis and enterprise
wise setup, they have been positioned at various levels of
analysis service offering spectr

Business data regarding sales, inventories, outstanding and other
parameters is important dynamic information that helps understand the business growth, potential and
trends. The fact that it is very dynamic gives rise to challenges to gauge it over t
he months, quarters and
with a geographical perspective and then build short
term forecasts.

Business Mapping or

Business GIS (Geographic Information Systems) when clubbed to RDBMS environments tend to give
definitive business trends analysis and pr
ovide a simple and user
friendly GUI route for data
The Business Analys
application built on Open Source GIS Product can be linked to SQL server
or MySQL or any other RDBMS (at enterprise level)

and this can result in an efficient, cost
ffective and
simple analysis tool that can provide instant map
based business data querying power at client level.

In the context of MapWindow 4.7, a Plug
in route has been utilized to develop the application thus
providing the user the power to data
the business data through maps, save the target business
parameters as columns in shapefile data
tables. These shape files can later be reopened in MapWindow
4.7 main application
and the depth of the analysis can be

taken to next level by comparing the b
data with demographics data or industry domain
specific data by utilizing cartographic modeling

Business begins with map and by utilizing the power of maps in data
mining applications;
makes this open source GIS driven analysis tool an
effective accessory in analyzing complex business
data with a click of a mouse on a map.