Data Mining

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Data Mining

Jessica Jackson

Kimberli Klein

Kevin Wood


Brief Introduction

What Can Data Mining Do?

How Does Data Mining Work?

Important Aspects

Charts and Graphs


Wrap up

Data, Information, Knowledge


Items that are the most elementary descriptions
of things, events, activities, and transactions

May be internal or external


Organized data that has meaning and value


Processed data or information that conveys
understanding or learning applicable to a
problem or activity

What is Data Mining?

The process of analyzing
data from different
perspectives and
summarizing it into useful

This information can be used
to increase revenue, cuts
costs, or both

What Can Data Mining Do?

Primarily used today by companies with a
strong customer focus

Determines impact of sales, customer
satisfaction & corporate profits

Determines relationships among “internal”
factors and “external” factors

Internal factors: price, product positioning, or
staff skills

External factors: economic indicators,
competition, customer demographics

How Does Data Mining Work?

Data mining software analyzes relationships
and patterns in stored transaction data based
on open
ended user queries

The four types of relationships:




Sequential patterns

Important Aspects

Three important considerations include:

Clean data, Security and Scalability

Large amounts of access

Data must be accurate and free of errors and

Must establish access rights to the data and to
enforcing those rights

The infrastructure must be in place

includes web servers, report servers, databases and
networks to support scalability

Dig, Discover, & Share*

Flow of Data Mining

The Life Cycle of a Data Mining Project

Example of Data Mining Software

Oracle Data Mining (ODM)

Oracle Data Mining

Enables you to produce

predictive information

Build integrated business intelligence

Find patterns and insights hidden in your data

Extract greater value from corporate data
resulting in better decision making

Field Use

"...Using Oracle Data Mining, medical researchers

are discovering trends and patterns that will

Improve the health care for millions of people

around the globe.“

Dr. Carolyn Hamm, Director of Decision Support,

Walter Reed Medical Center.

"Saving Lives with Oracle"

Customer Successes of ODM

Xerox Corporation

Walter Reed Medical

Internal Revenue


Stuart Maue, Inc.

Rexter Analytics

Information Analysis

Company Uses Of Data Mining


Reduce Insurance Claims

The data is analyzed to uncover locations, floor designs and time
patterns where customers slip and fall more frequently from coffee

Dow Jones Wall Street Journal

Site Performance

How the site is performing by correlating the log and click
information generated with the customer files

The Royal Dutch/Shell Group

Operates in 135 countries with 90,000 employees and 1,700
separate operating companies.

Help negotiate better contracts and identify products that are doing
well or declining on a global basis.