From Information Assurance to Trusted Systems A Strategic Shift

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From Information Assurance to
Trusted Systems

A Strategic Shift

Patricia A.

Chief, NSA Trusted Systems Research

(formerly known as National Information Assurance Research Lab)

Briefing to SINET, October 4, 2011

Why Trusted Systems?

It’s all about enabling safe operations in risky or
compromised environments

Traditional IA mechanisms are key components,
but IA lockdown, border war mentality won’t get
you there

Need smart systems, ability to adapt, ability to be
proactive in addressing threats

Consider the SYSTEM, not the BOUNDARY

Consider the ADVERSARY in designing protections


Investigate new technology components and
systems to address emerging trusted system
needs such as:

Trusted platform mechanisms

Policy statement and enforcement mechanisms

Mobility mechanisms

Address Design

Develop methods to design software or
hardware with no vulnerabilities

Develop methods that enable us to assess the
soundness of our software

Address composition and secure software re

Develop methods to allow some level of
confidence given an

supply chain

Take advantage

of Cryptography

Investigate capabilities that provide integrated
use of cryptography
for more than traffic

Cryptography in systems context

integration into efforts that enable new CONOPS

Bring about trustworthy

system behaviors

Investigate new ways to design and integrate
systems to provide desired properties such as:

Active Defense

Risk Adaptive,

Variant Response


Moving Target

Immune Systems

Autonomic Systems


What industry can do

Encourage critical thinking rather than “check the
box” in developing security solutions

ways to realistically assess our risk posture

Advance the state of the practice in smart

Advance the state of the practice in dynamic risk

Work with us on CONOPS that stretch the
envelope for safe operations